Big Biller Online Recruiting Software

Powerful Online Recruiting Software = Faster Speed to Hire

This powerful recruiting software comes with a unique set of features and tools specific to the industry. For example, resumes can be emailed directly into the system. From there, the Premium Parser extracts all relevant information from the resume to create a candidate profile, thus eliminating any manual entry.

In addition, the recruiting system supports email marketing capabilities that can be targeted toward clients regarding their hiring needs or candidates regarding their job search. Our recruiting software gives recruiters complete visibility of where candidates are in their pipeline and how quickly they’re moving along. One of the software’s most popular features is the Hotlist tool, which tags groups and lists of people, companies, and jobs for quick reference.

Combined with Job Board integration and Job Posting services for sourcing candidates, Internet recruiting becomes easier than ever. Big Biller customers can post their jobs to their website; social media sites LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; and on popular, targeted, industry-specific sites.

Big Biller is web-based, so it’s affordable and flexible, making it a great option for any recruiting professional.

Big Biller is an online recruiting software designed to help recruiters streamline the recruiting process to save time and become more productive.

Big Biller
Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters

There are a number of ways that Big Biller Recruiting Software helps recruiters keep track of their applicants’ work history, background, activity, and communication so that the information is up-to-date and easily accessible. These powerful, time-saving features help recruiters manage their candidate data more effectively for better results.

Big Biller
Recruiting CRM

The Big Biller Recruiting CRM software helps recruiters stay on top of the placement process, keep in front of their clients, and set reminders so that calls and interviews don’t fall through the cracks.

Big Biller
Job Board Integration

Turn part of your website into a recruitment job board. Our Job Board integration allows recruiters to seamlessly post jobs to their website; share jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; have candidates submit their resumes; and provide the option of setting up job alerts—all of which makes the job search easier.

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