Workflow Guides: Recruiting

Welcome to our third in a series of Workflow Guides for Big Biller!

The subject of this guide will be Recruiting. We’ll focus on several concepts:

  • Managing open job pipelines
  • Submitting resumes to clients
  • Communicating with candidates and clients
  • Tracking activity
  • Completing and tracking placements

Below is a video covering our recommended Recruiting Processes in terms of the Pipeline. For step by step instructions, please view the guide below the video.

Managing open job pipelines

  • Each Job Order created within Big Biller will have its own Pipeline associated with it. The Pipeline is used to track candidates through the placement process for that position.
    • Candidates can be added to Pipelines from multiple places
    • Pipelines are split into Customizable Stages that represent their current step in the placement process
      • The first step is always the Inbox, and the last is always Placement
      • Moving candidates through stages or Disqualifying them will progress them through several Pipeline Views
  • Multiple Pipelines for one or more clients can be viewed at once through the Pipeline Report

Submitting resumes to clients

  • The pipeline has a Submit to Client function available for quickly sending candidates’ resumes to the associated client
    • After selecting the checkboxes of the candidates you would like to submit on the pipeline, you’ll find the Submit to Client function in the Action drop down menu

Tracking activity

  • After contacting a candidate or client, events can be recorded with notes through the Activities system
    • Activities can be logged directly on the Pipeline through the Log/Schedule column. This will automatically connect the appropriate Related Records.
    • Activities can be customized to fit your day to day recruiting processes
    • Open Activities appear on the Plannerwhich allows you to plan out your day and keep track of important events
    • Activities are automatically created when emailing an individual record or mass emailing a list of records (you can also mass email from the Pipeline!)
    • Use the Activity Report to keep track of your team’s progress

Completing and tracking placements

  • The last stage of every job’s Pipeline is the Placement stage. Clicking on this stage will cause the following to occur:
    • The candidate that was placed will be moved to the Placements view on the Pipeline
    • A Placement Form can be filled out to record the placement
    • After completing the Placement Form, the system will prompt you to update both the candidate’s Work History and the job’s Status automatically
    • All Placement Forms feed into the Placement Report, which can show placement data in a variety of different ways

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