Network Candidates Overview

The Network Candidates feature allows you to request and receive other TEN members’ candidates directly through a typical People Search. From there, the candidate owner can easily accept the trading partner’s request and send their candidate directly to the Split Job’s Pipeline.

No time for a video? Check out the step-by-step instructions below!

To Request a Network Candidate:

  • After running a People Search, click on the Network tab at the top of the results list
  • To Request an individual candidate, click on their respective Request icon on the right side of the list

  • To Request multiple candidates, check the boxes of those that you would like to Request, then choose Request Candidates in the Action Menu

  • All pending Requests that have not been Accepted or Denied can be found on the Sent Requests tab on the People Dashboard

To Respond to a Candidate Request:

  • All pending Network Candidate Requests will create a Notification. Requests can be handled in two ways.
  • On the Requested Candidate’s Network Activity card, the Request can be accepted or declined through the Share Candidate or Decline Request icons, respectively

  • On the Requests Received tab on the People Dashboard, the Request can be accepted or denied through the Decision column icons

To Receive an Accepted Network Candidate Share: