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Network Activity Detail Sharing

  • Log or schedule an Activity with a Network Candidate or Job related
  • Within the Activity window, you’ll see the detail sharing options at the bottom
  • After adding in all of your information, check the boxes of the fields you wish to share with the corresponding trading partner
  • The associated trading partner(s) will now have access to review these shared pieces of information alongside the corresponding Activity
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Network Job Alerts

  • To set up a new alert, start by running a search for Network Jobs
  • From the results page, click the Set Up Alert link in the bottom right corner of the Jobs Search bar
  • Give your new Alert a name and click Save when complete
  • The new alert will run overnight and you’ll receive a new notification if and when new Jobs are posted that match your selected criteria
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Searching Network Jobs

  • To run a search for Network Jobs, navigate to Jobs in the Main Navigation Bar
  • Enter the appropriate search criteria at the top of the Jobs Dashboard
  • From the results page, navigate to the Network tab to review the matching Network Jobs
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Network Recruiting Instructions (Network Comments)

  • When a Job is shared to the Network, the details in the Network Recruiting Instructions card are shared to all Network members. This card is used to convey any additional information your trading partner needs to know about this position.
  • It’s a good idea to include any additional requirements not listed in the description, specific skills or qualities the client is or isn’t looking for, priority comments, or just any tips that will nudge the candidate recruiter in the right direction. 
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