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Record Source vs Pipeline Source – What’s the Difference?

  • Record Source = This is the person responsible for adding the candidate to your database originally
    • The candidate have been added via a direct TEN Share, Network Candidate Request, TEN Jobs Feed nomination, or manually attributed
    • The Record Source is due credit for the Job the Candidate was submitted to, along with any other Jobs in the future where the candidate is internally added to the Pipeline by any user on your account
  • Pipeline Source = This is the person or venue responsible for adding the candidate to a particular Pipeline
    • Pipeline Source may be different from the original Record Source, if a different trading partner submits the Person to a Pipeline that they were not already a part of
    • A candidate may have multiple different Pipeline Sources if they’re submitted to multiple different Pipelines via different trading partners or venues
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Network Discussion Forum

  • To create a new Discussion, navigate to Network in the Main Navigation Bar and then click on the Discussions view
  • Locate the card where you wish to post your new Discussion
    • Cards include: Hot Candidates, Hot Jobs, and General
  • Click the plus icon in the top right corner of the corresponding card
  • Enter a Title for your new Discussion along with any corresponding details and questions
  • Click the Post button when complete
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Network Candidate Alerts

  • To set up a new alert, start by running a search for Network Candidates
  • From the results page, click the Set Up Alert link in the bottom right corner of the search bar
  • Give your new Alert a name and click Save when complete
  • The new alert will run overnight and you’ll receive a new notification if and when new Network Candidates are added or updated that match your selected criteria
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