Top Echelon Product Updates

At Top Echelon, we’re continually working to make our software the best that it can be. That’s why we’re pleased to present the latest updates and upgrades to the software.

What’s Next?

  • Security Upgrades – including CCPA compliance
  • Searching Network Recruiters  ability to search for Network trading partners based on profile keywords, location, and codes
  • Network Recruiter Alerts – automated searches that run on a daily basis to notify you when Network Recruiter Profiles are added or updated that match your requested criteria – a quicker way to be alerted of new potential trading partners
  • Network Discussion Form – bringing the Top Echelon Network Discussion Form into the new version
  • Network Candidate Alerts – automated searches that run on a daily basis to notify you when Network Candidates are added that match your requested criteria

Updates and Upgrades

June 2020

  • New Placements Page – Agency Placement counts have been added to the Big Biller Dashboard. Clicking one of these counts will route you to the new Placement page where all of your agency’s Placement Forms will be more easily accessible for viewing and editing.
  • Network Placements – Network Placements have been moved to the new version of the software. This includes:
  • New People Search Fields – We’ve added two new search options to allow for further filtering of your Network Candidate search result lists:
    • The ability to search by Network Recruiters
    • The ability to search by Network Agencies

May 2020

  • Manage User Sessions Page – Those with user management permissions can now access the new Manage User Sessions page that allows you to see the last 30 days worth of login session data from users on your account.
  • New Notification: Expected Payment Date Reminder – We’ve added the ability to receive a Notification (in-software and via email) as a reminder when a Placement’s expected payment date arrives.
  • Placement Report Updates The Placement Report received several updates that provide you with more information as well as prepare it for the upcoming Network Placement system:
    • New Split Type Filter – The Split Type filter allows you to further narrow down your results.
    • Broader Users Filter – The Users filter has been expanded to return anything that the selected user(s) were involved in as either the Candidate Recruiter or the Job Recruiter.
    • Split Amounts in Table Details – Columns have been added to the Table Details view to display the breakdown of Job Recruiter Fee, Candidate Recruiter Fee, and Additional Partners Fee.
      Total Fee Breakdown – In addition to the existing Total Fee stat at the bottom of the report, we’ve added two additional breakdown stats for Total Agency Fees and Total External Fees.
  • Expanded Network Job Alert Limit – The Network Job Alert limit has been increased to 50 to allow for more automated searches per user.

April 2020

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – A new user security setting has been added that allows you to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for an additional layer of account security. In addition, the Main Contact on the account has the ability to mandate MFA for all active users within the agency.
  • User Session Tracking – Those with user management permissions now have the ability to view and manage other user sessions from their corresponding User Profile page. This allows you to see the user’s active session details, including the last time they were active and the ability to revoke a given session at any time.
  • Placements Removed from In Play – Candidates are now removed from the In Play view, and count, when moved to the Placement stage of the Pipeline.
  • Notification for Shared Network Activity Details – We’ve added the ability to receive a Notification (in-software and via email) when a Network trading partner shares Activity details for your Candidate or Job.
  • New Comments Card on Network Jobs – This new card allows you to document your own internal comments and notes for Network Jobs that your agency is working.

March 2020

  • Outlook Add-In  This new Add-In helps streamline your documentation process by allowing you to log emails, add attachments, and create new records within your Big Biller database while working in Outlook 365.
  • Network Activity Detail Sharing – You now have the ability to share additional details with your trading partners when logging or scheduling Activities to a Network Candidate or Job. This new feature allows you to share the Activity Type, Subject, or Details.
  • Placement Form Updates – Placement Forms have a fresh new look! These updates and additional validations help streamline the process of getting your placements accurately documented, as well as prepare it for the upcoming Network Placement system.
  • Expected Payment Date Field  An Expected Payment Date field has been added to Placement Forms to allow you to document and track when you anticipate to receive payment from your client, and also helps prepare the form for the upcoming Network Placement system.
  • Change to Daily Mass Email Limit The email safety net will not allow you to send more than one mass email to the same address in a 4 hour period. This timeframe has been reduced to allow for more flexibility while still helping email deliverability.

February 2020

  • Clickable Email Stats – The Sent Email Details page now includes clickable email stats which in turn displays the corresponding recipients. For example, if you wanted to take a look at which email addresses bounced or unsubscribed, you could click on the number returned to see a list.
  • Recipient Searching in Sent Items – You now have the ability to filter your Sent Items list on the recipient name or email address, making it quicker to locate specific messages.
  • Prevent Duplicate Marketing Emails – A new safety net has been added that will not allow you to send more than one mass email to the same address in a 24 hour period. This should help prevent accidental successive emails to the same candidate in a single day, helping email deliverability.
  • Ability to Search and Work Network Jobs in the New Version of the Software – The Network Jobs feature now allows you to search, review, and work other split partners’ Jobs directly through a typical Job search in the new version.
  • Network Job Alerts – Alerts have been moved to the new version and allow you to set up automated searches that run on a daily basis to notify you when new Network Jobs are shared that match your requested criteria.
  • New Network Dashboard – Clicking on Network in the Main Navigation Bar will now route you to the new Network Dashboard, instead of the legacy version. New and familiar items are available, such as any active Network Job Alerts, new Network Jobs, new recruiters, applying for membership, and many others.

January 2020

  • Ability to Name Saved Searches – When saving a search for People, Companies, or Jobs, you now have the ability to customize the search name so it’s quicker and easier to differentiate between searches within your list.
  • Knowledge Bot – Great for new and veteran users alike, keep a look out for our new Knowledge Bot icon in the bottom right corner of the software. This icon gives access to help articles, frequently asked questions, and in-software feature walkthroughs. We’ll be adding more content to it as we go, too!

December 2019

  • Job Merge Fields – Job Merge Fields have been added to the email compose window. These new fields will allow you to pull pieces of information from the related Job (ex – Job Title, Job Description, etc.) and quickly insert them into the body or subject of your message.
  • New Activity editing permission – A new user permission has been added to allow managers the flexibility to decide whether or not a user should be able to set/edit the completed date of Activities
  • Record Preview on Jobs Dashboard – The Record Preview functionality has been added to the Open Jobs view of the Jobs Dashboard. This allows you to review the corresponding record information without having to navigate away from the page.

November 2019

  • Ability to Set Sp a Dedicated Texting Number – Big Biller’s new text messaging feature allows you to subscribe to a dedicated phone number (or multiple) to send texts to People in your database.
  • Ability to Send and Receive Text Messages – Once your dedicated number has been established, you can begin sending text messages to candidates and/or contacts through Big Biller. Text messages can be sent on an individual basis to any mobile phone number on a Datasheet, or from a list. The outgoing messages are logged as Activities to the corresponding record, and when your dedicated number receives any reply texts, the incoming message will be logged to Big Biller as well.
  • New Text Message User Permissions –
    • Each dedicated phone number will be “assigned” to a specific user on your account. However, with the proper permissions, a user is able to send from someone else’s phone number.
    • Each dedicated texting phone number has an associated recurring monthly charge. With the proper permissions, you can cancel a number/subscription at any time through the software.

September 2019

  • Network Recruiter and Agency Profiles – Profiles are now available in the new version of the software. Look up a specific recruiter by name, agency, ID, email or phone number using the Quick Find.

August 2019

  • Google Integration Restored – We’re pleased to announce that Google integration has been brought back into the software. You can now sync timed activities on your Planner with your Google calendar, and also send transactional email through your Gmail account. To learn more about this feature, check out our article on Google integration.
  • Select Recent Records in Activities and Emails – When relating a record to an Activity, you will now have the ability to click on a “Select from Recent” link to pick a record you’ve recently viewed, instead of having to type in the name of a specific record. In a similar fashion, the Select a Job link in the Email window now has a tab for “Recent Jobs”. This should make relating the proper record faster and easier than ever before!
  • Find a Record Upgrade for Activities and Emails – In addition to the ability to select Recent Records, the Record Find in the Activity Related Records and Email Relate a Job functions now use the same parameters as the Find a Record in the Main Navigation bar. This means that you can now type in multiple criteria to locate the correct record you want to relate, such as a combination of the record’s name, location, contact information, position title, and in the case of Person or Job records, the related Company. For example, you could type “Ross Northwest Ohio Tools” to find and relate a Person record named “Ross Reynolds” who works for the Company “Northwest Ohio Tools”.
  • Network Candidates – Request and receive other TEN members’ candidates directly through a typical People search in the new version. From there, the candidate owner can easily accept the trading partner’s request and send their candidate directly to the Jobs’s Pipeline.

July 2019

  • Ability to Hide Datasheet Cards – A View Preferences icon has been added to all People, Company, and Job Order Datasheets to allow you to hide cards that you don’t utilize. Hiding those unused cards can reduce the amount of scrolling needed to get to important information (like a resume or job description).
  • New Manage Notifications Page – A new page has been added to your account settings which allows you to determine which actions will trigger bell notifications within the software and which will trigger email notifications.
  • Compensation Field Change – In an effort to make Big Biller more intuitive, we’ve moved the Compensation field out of the Work History card and into the Desired & Compensation card.
    • Don’t worry – compensation from the “present” employer was copied over to this new location for you!
    • In addition, all compensation data from previous employers was copied to the top of the corresponding Work History Description field.
  • Change to ‘Select All’ in Lists – Clicking the ‘Select All’ checkbox in the header of a list will now select the records on the page you’re currently viewing.
    • You’ll also be given an option to select all records on all pages.
    • This allows for more flexibility when selecting records in your lists…helping you work the way you want to work!
  • Ability to Run Private Reports – When running a new ActivityPipeline, or Placement Report, you are now provided with the options of keeping the Report private, or sharing it with your entire agency. This allows for more confidentiality when running management reports moving forward.
  • New Parse Management Settings – A new page has been added to Agency Settings in the Sidebar that allows you to control when and how Big Biller parses records into your database when a duplicate is found via each potential venue. This addition of this new page also includes:
  • New Manage Parse Permission – A new user permission has been added to allow managers the flexibility to decide whether or not a user should be able to edit parse management settings for your agency.
  • Ability to Turn Off Automatic Tag Parsing If your agency prefers to manually add Tags to your People records instead of having them automatically parsed, you now have the flexibility of designating that setting from the new Manage Parsing page.
  • Re-Parse Prompt with New Resume Add in Attachments – When updating a Current Resume through the Attachments tab on a Person’s record, Big Biller will now prompt to ask if you’d like to re-parse the information
  • Recent Records Link in Activities – A ‘Recent Records’ link has been added to all Logged and Scheduled Activities to allow for faster locating and linking of related records.

June 2019

  • Country Searching for People and Companies – International candidates, contacts, and companies are now easy to sort through and find with the new Country search field on the Advanced Search page.
  • Improved Sent Items searching on the Email Dashboard – We’ve removed the limit on returned Sent Items on the Email Dashboard to make previously sent emails more accessible.
  • Company LinkedIn posting has been restored – Job Board users can once again post to their company LinkedIn page from the Job Advertising interface.
  • Inline Edit record titles – You can now change the Title or Name of a record directly from the datasheet, instead of using the Full Edit screen.
  • Recorded Activities immediately update in Hotlists and Pipelines – After recording Activities from a Hotlist or Pipeline, you’ll no longer need to refresh the page to have the activity appear in the Last or Next Activity columns.
  • Activities scheduled on Planner Day View default to that day – When viewing a past or future day on the Planner’s Day View, any newly created Activities will default to that date for convenience.
  • New Delete Attachments permission – We’ve separated the Delete Records permission into two permissions: Delete Records and Delete Attachments. Administrators can now restrict a user from specifically deleting attached files from a record.

May 2019

  • Radius searching in Canada – Location searching has been updated to include the ability to radius search within Canada to further narrow your search results. This includes the location search feature within Big Biller and on the Job Board.
  • Auto-populating Location when adding a Job from a Company Datasheet – When adding a new Job from the Company Datasheet, the location is now automatically populated on the new Job to save time in data entry.
  • Advertised Compensation is now a range – The Advertised Compensation field on Jobs has been updated to allow for the entry of a range for additional control when advertising or sharing your Jobs.
  • Activity Subjects Now Display on Datasheets, Pipelines, and the Planner – You’ll no longer need to open each individual Activity to view the Subject line on the corresponding Datasheets of connected records, the Planner tab, and the Last Activity column on Pipelines.
  • Inline Edit Memos on Datasheets – We’ve added the ability to inline edit record memos at the top of Datasheets to quickly put important information at the forefront of a record.
  • New ‘All Settings’ page – new Settings page has been added to the Main Navigation Bar (gear icon) that allows for faster navigation to your account settings and tools.
  • Updated Industry and Occupation Code interface – We’ve updated the interface when selecting Industries and Occupation Codes for a record from the list. The updated interface includes a new Find bar that allows for quicker location and selection of these codes for your People, Companies, and Jobs.
  • New Country Search Option for Job Boards – An additional option has been added to the Manage Job Board page that allows you to turn on the option for candidates to search Jobs by country.

April 2019

  • Record IDs – As an additional identifier for your records, we are now auto-populating the ID field on all People, Company, and Job records. You can quickly locate a record via their ID in the Find box.
  • Activity Filters – Filters have been added to the Activities tab of People, Company, and Job Order records. This allows you to quickly locate Activities on a particular record by keyword, assignee, type, and/or related records.
  • Hotlist and Pipeline Removal Icons – To quickly remove a record from a Hotlist or Pipeline, we’ve added removal icons to the corresponding Cards on People, Company, and Job Datasheets.
  • Pipeline Star on People Datasheets – The star icon has been added to the Pipeline card on People Datasheets so you can quickly see if a candidate was starred for a particular Job, or mark them as starred without having to navigate to the Job record separately.
  • Candidate Outbox View – For members of Top Echelon Network, a Candidate Outbox view has added to the People Dashboard which allows you to review candidates that you or your team has shared to any active Split Job

March 2019

  • Attribute Record Source – In the event that you need to give credit to another Network member for a candidate within your database, you can now do so by attributing the record source on their Datasheet.

February 2019

  • Jump to  Resume Link – A “Jump to Resume” link has been added to the Record Preview to allow you to quickly navigate to the candidate’s resume without having to scroll to the bottom of the preview window
  • Merge Fields in Standard Emails – You now have the ability to use Merge Fields in Standard emails that are sent to one recipient
  • Expanded Keyword Search Limit – The keyword search limit has been expanded to 1,000 characters to allow for longer and more complex Boolean strings
  • Candidate InboxThe new Candidate Inbox View on the People Dashboard allows you to review and make decisions on candidates in the Inbox stage of all your Open Jobs, as well as candidates that have submitted their resume through your Big Biller Job Board (if applicable)

January 2019

  • New People Search Fields – We’ve added two new search options to allow for further filtering of your search result lists:
    • The ability to search on the existence of a resume
    • The ability to search on the existence of an email address
  • Activity Report Record Filter – A new Record Filter has been added to Activity Reports. This new addition allows you to filter down the Report results to review Activities related to a specific record. For example, if you wanted to review all Activity logged for a specific Job Order record.
  • Action Icon Update – The “Select an Action” drop-down was changed to the new action icon for more space on each list.
  • Redesigned Search Bar – We’ve redesigned the Search bar on the PeopleCompanies, and Jobs Dashboards. This has allowed us to make better use of the space and add the ability to search by Title right from the People and Jobs Dashboards.
  • Hotlist Find Bar – The Hotlist section of the Sidebar will now display the 20 most recently modified lists to allow for quicker load times and a Find box has been added to easily locate a particular list by name.
  • Job Board Auto Responders – For those who utilize our Job Board service, the ability to send Auto Responders has been added to the Job Board. These are a great way to communicate instantly with your candidates and can serve as a confirmation that their information has been received.

December 2018

  • Job Board Search Bar Widget – The Job Board now provides a snippet of code that can be placed on your website to display a stand-alone search bar widget.

November 2018

  • Movable Activity Windows – The Log and Schedule Activity windows are now movable, allowing you review or copy and paste text from behind it.
  • Job Board Featured Jobs For those who utilize our Job Board service, a Featured Jobs option has been added to the Advertising card on Job Order Datasheets. This new feature allows you to flag a job as “Featured” on your website to draw attention to your firm’s hot Job Orders.
  • Job Board Quicklinks You now have the ability to build and copy Job Board Quicklinks from Job Search Results. Quicklinks allow you to create and send customized search links to potential candidates.
  • Search for Advertised Jobs – We’ve added the ability to locate Jobs that are posted to specific advertising venues through Advanced Search. This includes Jobs that your firm has posted to your Big Biller Job Board, posted through the Top Echelon Job Posting service, shared to Top Echelon Network, and/or shared to the TEN Jobs Feed (if applicable).
  • Close Jobs in a Mass Format – We’ve added the ability to close Jobs in a mass format from a list of Job Search Results, or a Hotlist

October 2018

  • Planner Revamp Our team has been hard at work on our Planner revamp which makes it easier than ever to see what you’ve done and what you need to do for a particular day, week or month. This update includes:
    • The ability to switch between Day, Week, Month, and All Overdue views
    • A new calendar widget to easily navigate to the Activity list for a certain date
      • Click on a specific day, toggle month to month, or manually select a month/year to see activities in the distant future, or in the past
    • Filters to narrow down the list of Activities that are displayed for your selected time frame
    • “Go to Today” button to easily navigate back to your list of Activities for the current date
    • The Planner will now remember your views and filter selections whenever an action is taken, and even after navigating away from the page
  • Activity Notifications –Activity Notifications have been added to scheduled Activities. This option will allow for a Notification in the bell icon when your selected date and time arrives. In addition, you can take advantage of browser notifications so you’ll be reminded even if you happen to be logged into Big Biller, but looking at another web page.
  • Activity Priority – A Priority field has been added to all scheduled Activities which allows you to assign a level of importance to the items scheduled on your Planner.
  • All Notifications Page – The ability to “See All Notifications” has been added to the Notification bell in the top right corner of Big Biller. This allows you to review all of your Notifications from the last 30 days, including the ability to filter by Type.
  • Help Center Makeover – The Help section of the Sidebar has a fresh new look! We also rolled out a new Help Center home page, making it easier than ever to find training resources and help materials.
  • Planner Activity Count – A daily Activity count was added to the Day and Week views of the Planner, allowing you to see a total number of activities logged/scheduled for a given day.

August 2018

  • Bulk Resume Upload – We are always striving for quicker and easier ways of getting data into Big Biller, so we’ve added a bulk resume upload feature which allows you to mass parse resumes into your database.
  • Email Parse Log – The new email parse log will allow you to review results of the resumes you send to the email parser. See which records have been added or updated, and review the reasons that any failures occurred.
  • Expanded Radius Search Options – We’ve added additional radius search options to allow you to better target records within a specific radius of a specific City/State or Zip.
  • Bulk Ownership Change – The new bulk ownership change feature will allow you to mass transfer the ownership of records and entities from one user to another. For example, if a change in your staff occurs.

July 2018

  • Ability to Copy and Paste Resume Text When Adding New People – We’re always striving for quicker and easier ways to enter data into Big Biller, so you now have the ability to copy and paste resume or profile text into a Resume Text box when adding new People records.
  • Ability to Edit Activity Completed Date – We’ve added the ability to edit the completed date and time of Activities. This new functionality allows you to document Activities that were  – completed on a past date to allow for accurate reporting.
  • Manually Log Email Activity Types – You now have the ability to manually log or schedule Activities using the Email Incoming or Email Outgoing types.

June 2018

  • Pipeline Report – A new Report has been added to Big Biller! The new Pipeline Report will allow you to review Pipeline candidates across multiple Job Orders at one time so you can establish priorities and review your overall progress.
  • All Records Pipeline View – An “All Records” view has been added to the Pipeline, so you can quickly review and take an action on all records within one Job Order at one time.
  • Owner Filter for Jobs Dashboard – We’ve added a Record Owner filter to the Jobs Dashboard, which allows you to filter the Open Jobs by user. There is also an option to view “All Recruiters” at the top of the drop-down.
  • Sort-able Pipeline Columns – You can now sort the columns in a Pipeline to further organize the data according to your workflow.
  • Pipeline Highlight When Navigating from a Datasheet – When navigating to a Pipeline from a Person’s Datasheet (or Record Preview), their name will now be highlighted within the list for quicker access.
  • Compensation and Fee Added to Jobs Dashboard – A Compensation/Fee column has been added to the Jobs Dashboard to allow you to review and sort on additional details when reviewing your current openings.
  • Activity Columns added to Pipeline Views – Last and Next Activity information has been added to the Inbox and Placement views of the Pipeline. If you do not see them displayed by default, you can add them through your View Preferences.
  • Top Echelon Status Site – We have launched a new status site to keep all customers informed of scheduled maintenance or unscheduled interruptions in service.
  • Record Toggle in Record Preview – “Next” and “Previous” icons have been added to all Record Previews. This addition will provide a quick way to work through lists of records in search results, Pipelines, and Hotlists.

May 2018

  • Select All in Pipelines – “Select all” functionality has been added to the Pipeline. This will allow you to quickly take action on all records within a specific view.
  • Furthest Stage Count – A number count has been added to the Furthest Stage column on the Jobs Dashboard. This will allow you to see how many candidates are in the furthest stage of your Pipelines.
  • Start Date Driver for Placement Report – A change has been made to Placement Reports. The Start Date is now the primary metric for the Timeframe filter on this report. Therefore, when logging placements, you must enter a Start Date for the placement to display on your future Placement Reports.
  • Adding Work Phone Numbers to New Contact Records Work phone numbers will now be automatically added to new employees on that record. This will save time when adding new contacts to existing company records.

April 2018

  • Ability to Move Custom Fields – We’ve added functionality to custom fields. You now have the ability to re-order and move fields into new custom cards. This allows for even further customization of your Datasheets.
  • Email Activity Updates – We’ve added functionality to Email Incoming and Email Outgoing Activities. You can now:
    • Relate additional records to Email Activities
    • View the corresponding Subject within Email Activities
    • Edit the Activity Type for Email Activities
  • Share Jobs to a Company LinkedIn Page – You now have the ability to post to a company LinkedIn page through the Big Biller Job Board
  • Highlighted Keywords in People Search Results – When running a keyword search for People records, the keywords are now highlighted in resumes on the Record Preview. This makes it quicker to review your matching candidates.