Outlook Add-In How-To

The Outlook Add-in allows you to document email communication and message attachments into your Big Biller database directly from Outlook 365.

Please note that this Add-in will only work with Outlook hosted email.  You must also be on the Monthly Channel for updates.

The links below will help get you started on the right track with the features and functionality that the Big Biller Outlook Add-In has to offer – 

Installing the Outlook Add-In

The first step in utilizing the Outlook Add-In is installing it within your Outlook 364 (or Outlook.com) account.

Logging Email Messages to Big Biller

The Add-In makes it easy to log incoming and outgoing emails from your Outlook account back to the corresponding records in your Big Biller database.

Saving Email Attachments to Big Biller Records

Interested in saving an email attachment to a record in Big Biller? The Outlook Add-In has you covered.

Creating New People Records from an Email

If you receive an email from a new candidate or contact (that you do not already have in your database), use the Add-In to create a new People records without ever leaving your email client.