Maria and Joanna of MJ Recruiters have made more than 150 split placements with Top Echelon’s Recruiting Network, for a cash-in of over 1 million dollars.

Members of Top Echelon’s Recruiting Network — like Maria and Joanna — share job orders and candidates with each other for the purpose of leveraging combined resources and making more placements.

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Share Job Orders and Candidates

Top Echelon’s Network of job placement recruiters is home to thousands of recruiters from hundreds of recruiting firms nationwide. That volume is why recruiters have so much success in the network.

  • One recruiter has the job order, while another recruiter supplies the candidate.
  • Network members make both perm split placements and contract split placements in nearly all industries

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MEGA Database of over 4 Million Candidate Resumes

Top Echelon’s recruiting database includes all of the information that members of the recruiter network need to make split placements with one another:

  • MEGA Candidate Database
  • Split Jobs Database
  • Recruiter Database

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Connect with Recruiters to Make More Placements

Top Echelon offers a number of recruiter networking events to its members, which helps them make more connections, and ultimately, make more placements.

  • National Convention
  • Fall Conference
  • Regional Core Groups
  • Virtual Core Groups

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Top Echelon Network is committed to helping recruiters deliver the best talent to their clients in the shortest amount of time possible. As a member of our recruiter network, you can tap into the candidate sourcing, client connections, and expertise of over 1,000 recruiters located in nearly every state across the country.

Top Echelon recruiters make placements in almost all major industries.

  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Information Technology/Information Systems
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Health Care

Top Echelon has helped recruiters make more than 18,500 placements since 1988 with our split network, and we can help you, too.