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Recruiting Database

Gain access to more than six million candidate resumes and 3,000 open job orders with Top Echelon’s expansive recruiting database.

The Value Behind Top Echelon’s Recruiting Database

Top Echelon offers many tools for recruiting. They include a recruiting software, recruiting network and a recruiting database full of candidates who are members of Top Echelon Network. Regardless of the kind of market in which you find yourself, finding high-quality candidates is a priority.

Below are four benefits of Top Echelon’s recruiting database:

Find Top Talent

Let’s face it: high-quality candidates are in demand, but high-quality candidates are exactly what you’re looking for. Top Echelon’s recruiting database is the best place for sourcing candidates when you can’t find them anywhere else.

Fill Positions Quickly

It’s not just about filling positions with the best candidate, it’s about filling the position with the best candidate quickly. That way, you can keep your clients happy and make more placements at the same time.

Find Candidates that Fit Specific Criteria

High-quality candidates become more difficult to find when you need them to fit specific criteria, such as living in a certain geographical location. Our powerful search tools allow you to search and filter through candidate profiles with ease.

Increase Revenues

Access to more candidates leads to more filled positions and more placements. This, of course, means more recruiting fees and more revenues for you and your agency.

Thousands of Jobs to Fill

In addition to Top Echelon’s recruiting database of more than six million resumes, there are currently over 3,500 open job orders being shared by Top Echelon Network members in the Split Jobs Database. These job orders are pre-qualified by the submitting recruiter, who has also prepared a Job Order Data Sheet (JDS) with a comprehensive job description.

Network recruiters can be notified via email when split job orders of interest are added to the Network. This dynamic and collaborative system has been foundational to the success of our split fee recruiting network over the years.

Join Other Elite Recruiters

Top Echelon Network members work collaboratively by sharing information about their agencies in the Recruiter Database. This information includes:

  • Industries and niches in which they work
  • Names and contact information of other recruiters in their office
  • Corporate philosophies regarding recruiting and networking
  • Ways in which they prefer to work with other recruiters

This database is one of many ways that Top Echelon Network members can identify other recruiters who work in their same niche and build trading partner relationships with them.

Top Echelon’s Recruiting Database and ATS Integration

In addition to Top Echelon’s recruiting database of more than six million candidates, its Split Jobs Database, and its Recruiter Database, you can integrate all of these with Top Echelon’s top ATS and CRM.

In fact, Top Echelon recruiting software offers a whole range of data integrity features and functionality. These features include:

  • Duplicate checking
  • Merging
  • Tags
  • Searching
  • Custom Fields

Not only is the right applicant tracking system the best way to find top talent, but it allows you to easily manage your pool of candidates, filling more positions more quickly. One part of this is keeping the information in your database as current as possible, and that starts with removing duplicate recruiters. Top Echelon’s recruiting software and ATS gives users the ability to merge People records if duplicates are found within the database.

Top Echelon Recruiting Network Testimonials


Veronica s.

Career Professional.

“Interacting with true recruiting professionals is the biggest benefit [of Network membership], and the opportunity to expand my area of expertise is a close second. I enjoy assisting TE affiliates with targeted job searches, sometimes in industries that are outside of my usual area . . . With the Network, this level of partnership would not have been possible.”


Gary T.

Retail Options Executive Search.

“Partnering with other members and collaborating with them is the best way to enjoy more success. I have not come across one single partner that I have not enjoyed working with, and some of them have become my friends. We really are all in this together.”


Bob W.

Impact Solutions.

“We’re making placements that we would not have made and we’re providing more and better candidates to our clients. As a result, we’ve had more clients use us exclusively as they are satisfied enough with our results that they no longer want to deal with other firms.”

Get Access to the Top Echelon Recruiting Database

The Integrity of the Network

Network members are screened and vetted, meaning that you’re sharing information with other recruiters who place a premium on quality communication and quality data.

The Integration Between the Network and Recruiting Software

The candidates in Top Echelon’s recruiting database are recruited candidates, which means they’re of higher quality and better suited to fill your open positions.

The High Quality of the Candidates

Top Echelon Network and Top Echelon’s ATS are integrated, resulting in even greater efficiency and time savings when you use both.