Never miss an opportunity with Big Biller’s Recruiting CRM…

Connect with your clients and candidates, increase your production, streamline your day-to-day workflow, and make more placements with our recruiter CRM.

Organize and Simplify Your Workflow

  • Schedule Important Activities

    You can schedule phone calls, emails, interviews, candidate start dates, and much more.

  • Streamline the Placement Process

    Log notes and activities as you fill job orders and place your candidates.

  • Create Reminders

    Never miss an important phone call or appointment with a client by using our Reminder feature.

  • Email Marketing

    Stay in front of your clients and candidates with our email marketing feature.

A Seamless Startup

  • Easily Import All of Your Important Data

    Recruiters can import lists of data contained in spreadsheets into the Big Biller CRM recruiting software. With the Contact List Importer, recruiters can import .xls and/or .csv files to upload contacts, candidates, company names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, skills and much more into the database.

A Secure System that’s 100% Online

One advantage of using Big Biller as your recruiting CRM software is that Big Biller is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This provides tremendous flexibility to recruiters, since Big Biller is also 100% cloud-based.

Big Biller customers need no technical assistance to begin using the recruitment CRM software, and they can start adding customer and client information immediately. Not only that, but Big Biller’s remote access also allows recruiters to access their data anywhere they have an Internet connection.

A screenshot of the Big Biller recruiting CRM

Big Biller Recruiting Software

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