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The sharing of information is the lifeblood of Top Echelon’s Recruiting Network. Thousands of recruiters nationwide share candidates and job orders in our network for the purpose of making more placements.

There are three different parts of Top Echelon’s Recruiting Database—The MEGA Candidate Database, the Split Jobs Database, and the Recruiter Database.

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MEGA Candidate Database

Mega Candidate Database for recruiters

The MEGA Candidate Database allows members of our Recruiting Network to search through the over 4 million candidate resumes of other Top Echelon recruiters. This resume database can increase the ability to source candidates for open job orders, thus allowing recruiters to fill those orders more quickly.

Split Jobs Database

Job Database

Over 2000 open job orders have been shared by Top Echelon members in the Split Jobs Database. These job orders are pre-qualified by the submitting recruiter, who has also prepared a Job Order Data Sheet (JDS) with a comprehensive job description.
Network recruiters can be notified via email when split orders of interest are added to the Top Echelon system.

Recruiter Database

Recruiting and resume database for recruiters

Network members share information about themselves and their firms in the Recruiter Database. This information includes the industry and niche in which they work, the names and contact information of other recruiters in their office, their philosophies regarding recruiting and networking, and the ways in which they prefer to work with other recruiters. This database is one of many ways that members can identify other recruiters who work in their same niche and build trading partner relationships with them.