Articles by Todd Bossler

Outlook Add-In: Saving Attachments to Records

  • The Outlook Add-in not only logs emails and adds new records, but it also allows you to add attachments to your Big Biller records
  • There are instances where you may want to save an email attachment to a record other than the sender (i.e., you may want to save a client’s fee agreement to the Company record instead of your contact’s record)
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Outlook Add-In How-To

  • The Outlook Add-in allows you to document email communication and message attachments into your Big Biller database directly from Outlook 365
  • Open this article to click through links for step-by-step instructions on how to get up and running with the Outlook Add-In
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Big Biller Mass Email and Yahoo Mail Servers

  • It has recently come to our attention that mass emails sent from Big Biller to recipients whose email account is hosted with Yahoo are not being delivered
    • This applies to any domain hosted by Yahoo’s email servers, including,, and, to name a few
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