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More About Big Biller

Big Biller, the leader in online recruiting software, is referred to in many ways . . . as recruiter software, an applicant tracking system (ATS) or applicant tracking software, and even recruitment software. Simply put, Big Biller is a powerful recruiting software package that helps recruiters manage the relationships they have with their candidates and clients, all with one purpose and focus—making more placements.

And the number-one way in which the Big Biller recruiting software accomplishes this is through ease of use, which speeds up the placement process. The Big Biller recruiting software focuses on a three-step system for helping recruiters succeed: Adding your data quickly, Searching your data quickly, and 3. Using your data.

Big Biller recruiting software—adding your data

There are a number of ways that the Big Biller recruiting software helps you import data.
These ways include the following:

  • Resume parsing — The Big Biller recruiting software’s Premium Parser extracts all the important information out of the resume, such as contact info, work history, education, skill sets, and more . . . saving the information and creating a candidate profile in a matter of seconds, greatly reducing time wasted due to manual data entry.
  • Emailing resumes — With this feature, you can email resumes right from your inbox, and the Big Biller recruiting software will parse those resumes into your database, create a record, and attach the resume to the record behind the scenes for you.
  • Importing spreadsheets — Importing Excel spreadsheets and .csv files into the Big Biller recruiting software is easy with the integrated Contact Import Wizard.
  • Inline Editing — Update contact information, work history, position titles, education, compensation, and much more into the Big Biller recruiting software.

Big Biller recruiting software—searching your data

Finding your data once it’s in the Big Biller recruiting software is just as important as the ease of entry of that data.

  • Searching—Search all of your records, resumes, and documents quickly and easily. The Big Biller recruiting software has simplified the search experience that makes finding the right resumes and companies simple and easy.
  • Boolean Builder — Full-text Boolean searching for resumes and records is just as easy. Let the Big Biller recruiting software write the Boolean search string for you so you can get your hands on the information you need now.

Big Biller recruiting software—using your data

This is where the power of the Big Biller recruiting software is evident, where it helps recruiters carry out those tasks that lead directly to more placements. The Big Biller recruiting software accomplishes this with even more time-saving and time-tested features that streamline the placement process for recruiters.
These features include the following:

  • Email Marketing — With the Big Biller recruiting software’s Emailer, you can send targeted emails to candidates and clients letting them know how you can help them with their job search or with their hiring needs.
  • Pipeline — One of the Big Biller recruiting software’s most popular features, the Pipeline is a list of candidates that are linked to a job order. This list enables a recruiter to quickly see who’s being considered for the position, what stage they’re in, and where they stand in the placement process.
  • Hotlists — The Hotlist feature is similar to having an online filing cabinet where you can store and categorize records. The Hotlist allows quick and easy access to groups and lists of people, companies, or even job orders in the Big Biller recruiting software.

As you can see, Big Biller is a recruiting software for tracking clients, for tracking candidates, and for tracking every step of the placement process. In order to foster candidate relationships and client development for recruiters, the Big Biller recruiting software encompasses every step of the recruitment process—from marketing to recruiting to matching to placement—offering a technological solution for each of these areas . . . and more.

Through these measures, Big Biller acts as a recruiting software that helps you learn more about your candidates so you can develop stronger, longer lasting relationships that will benefit you, your candidates, and your clients.

Big Biller recruiting software—affordability

One of the reasons that Big Biller is the leader in online recruiting software is its affordability. The Big Biller recruiting software has been priced specifically with the small firm owner who also works a desk in mind. As a result, the Big Biller recruiting software is just $60 for the first user and $20 for each additional user. But that’s just one part of the affordability and flexibility that the Big Biller recruiting software offers.

In addition, there are no start-up costs or long-term contracts associated with the Big Biller recruiting software. Recruiters who are users of the Big Biller recruiting software only pay on a month-to-month basis. Not only that, but training and support are free to users of the software. Put all of that together, and you can see why so many recruiters find Big Biller to be an attractive recruiting software solution, no matter the size of their firm.

Big Biller . . . a recruiting software, an applicant tracking software, an applicant tracking system, or a recruitment software? No matter what you want to call it, Big Biller is the solution of choice for a growing number of recruiters, and the reason for its popularity is the driving force behind all of Top Echelon’s tools and services—it helps them make more placements.

If you’d like more information about how Big Biller can meet your recruiting software needs, give us a call at (330) 455-1433