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New Design: Starts at $2200
Job Board: Starts at $300, $40/month

  • Website Design
  • Advertise Jobs
  • Post to LinkedIn
Recruiting Websites


$60 per month
$20 for each additional user

    • Over 2,500 Recruiters
    • No Long-Term Contract
    • Free Training and Support

Split Placement

$125 per month
$330 Start-Up Fee

    • Over 20,000 Placements
    • Firms Screened for Quality
    • All Major Industries

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For more information about the products and services of Top Echelon, contact us at
(330) 455-1433.

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How we can help you make more placements:

Top Echelon was founded in Canton, Ohio in 1988 to help recruiters make more placements.

If you’re an executive search firm . . . Top Echelon can help you make more placements with its Hiring Hook website solutions. Hiring Hook can help you build a new site, re-design an existing site, or add a Job Board to your site to help you attract more qualified candidates.

If you’re an executive search agency . . . Top Echelon can help you make more placements with its Big Biller recruiting software. Big Biller’s features work together to streamline the recruiting process, helping recruiters save time on their desks so they can focus more on those tasks that lead directly to making placements.

If you’re an executive search company . . . Top Echelon can help you make more placements with its split placement network. Top Echelon Network gives recruiters the ability to share job order and candidate information so they can fill positions more accurately and more quickly, allowing them to satisfy their clients and increase their billings.

In addition, it doesn’t matter if you’re a retained executive search firm or if you work on contingency, Top Echelon’s recruiting solutions are designed to help you make more placements in less time for the purpose of generating more revenue.

More about Top Echelon

Top Echelon listens to what recruiters have to say! That's how Top Echelon has grown over the years. We started as a split placement network and as more recruiters joined the Network and found success through our system (20,000 placements so far), many suggested that we create a recruiting software applicant tracking system. So we did—and the result was Big Biller, the leader in online recruiting software! And when recruiters wanted a presence on the Internet, they asked us if we could design and build websites for their recruiting firms-and we did that too!

We took recruiters’ advice and suggestions, and now Big Biller has over 2,500 recruiters using it day in and day out as their applicant tracking software. It’s become one of the most popular recruiting software packages on the market. A few years after the creation of Big Biller, the Internet became even more prominent, and recruiters started to ask about recruiting websites.

So naturally, we dove right in and started developing websites for recruiters. As a matter of fact, we've designed over 1,000 interactive recruiting websites, now known as Hiring Hook. The Hiring Hook website job board plug-in makes your recruiting website come alive. Not only can you post your jobs to your website, Hiring Hook also gives you the option of posting your jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, giving your jobs even more exposure and increasing the chances that you’ll make placements.

Together . . . or separate! Here's what's even better about Hiring Hook, Big Biller, and Top Echelon Network: they can be used in combination with one another to create a synergistic effect for your recruiting business, or they can be used separately, depending upon your needs and goals. You can pick and choose what's best for your recruiting firm to help you make more placements!