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Types of Recruiting Software

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Recruitment Software

Recruiting software is essential for locating the right job candidates for your clients. Top Echelon offers a variety of solutions that can help your recruitment efforts.

Gain access to tools that help you keep track of applications, facilitate communication with candidates, maintain a database of jobseekers and tabulate recruiting statistics.

This software falls into three categories: Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), and Database Software. Understanding the differences will help you choose the solution that is right for you.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Applicant Tracking Software simplifies many of the time-consuming aspects of the recruiting process. ATS can sort and track resumes, process job applications, analyze data for essential information and manage contact lists. ATS allows recruiters to track and manage applicants all the way through the placement process.

Increase the efficiency of your recruiting by leveraging ATS to seek certain keywords in cover letters and resumes. You can also use ATS to narrow the field of applicants by evaluating the candidates’ skills with assessment tests. The software enables you to access all applicant information from one platform, making the recruitment process less time-consuming and more effective. 

As an added bonus, Top Echelon’s ATS is simple and intuitive, allowing it to be put to use with minimal training time.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Another type of recruiting software is Candidate Relationship Management. CRM leverages the power of your database to find candidates, including those who may have applied for work in the past.

CRM can be used in conjunction with an ATS to bring the deepest pool of talent into play for the open position. CRM can improve the candidate experience by making the right contact at the right time. This showcases the target company as an attractive place to work.

CRM uses target messaging and guides ideal candidates through the application process. Just as you would do personally, CRM allows you to make a positive connection between the candidate and the target company.

The best recruiting software is optimized for mobile use, so candidates who have their resumes on their smartphones can apply for job openings quickly and easily. In fact, 75 percent of job candidates use their mobile phones in the search process. 

CRM allows recruiters to make and manage job postings on job boards, websites and social media through a feature called job board integration. This allows you to receive resumes, post jobs and share job leads through a variety of different networks in order to increase your applicant pool.

CRM software combines speed, power and flexibility to maximize your recruiting efforts and make more placements, helping your bottom line—all from a simple interface that allows you to make more progress with fewer keystrokes. 

Database Software

Database software maintains the resumes and personal information of thousands of available job candidates. Keywords can help to identify the right candidates who have the specific skill set for the available position.

Another advantage of database software is its ability to keep you in step with industry trends. There’s nothing wrong with supplementing your natural know-how with valuable data.

Database software can track how long it takes to place candidates and how many responses you are receiving from your marketing efforts. You can also find out which sources of candidates are the most plentiful, allowing you to focus your efforts on the best sources of strong job candidates.

Top Echelon Is Your Full Recruiting Software Solution

Make more placements with recruiting software solutions from Top Echelon. We will work with you to make the transition to our software seamless, including migrating your data safely from your previous system in order to set you up successfully in the most efficient system on the market.

Contact Top Echelon today to learn more about Big Biller, the powerful Applicant Tracking and Recruiting CRM software.

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