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Executive Recruiting Software

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Recruitment Software

Working with companies to fill open executive and high-level positions can be a daunting task for recruiters, which is why it’s important to leverage the power of executive recruiting software to locate and place the best candidates.

While job candidates now have the ability to search for work easily around the country, executive recruiters have even more power to capture data and use it to discover the perfect candidate. 

Whether working alone or as part of a firm, an executive recruiter would be wise to tap into the technological advances of executive search software. 

Executive Search Process

The executive search process is an art form that is mastered by those who have an innate ability to find the right people. But before an executive recruiter can find a candidate, they need to build up a base of clients who need those candidates.

Recruiters can then focus on the task of managing candidates and working with their clients to begin the interview process. They can also help their clients with the salary negotiation and onboarding process.

This is where executive recruiting software like Top Echelon comes into play. It can streamline the process immensely and help recruiters and their clients to improve their placement rates.

Executive Database Software

One of the biggest problems that executive recruiting software can solve is the organization of contacts. A candidate may not be right for the position that’s open today, but he or she could be perfect for another role a few months from now.

The software can keep this candidate’s information readily available to facilitate this perfect fit. The right software can store and organize data much better than the best “people person” can store this information in his or her head.

Top Echelon Executive Recruitment Software

Top Echelon uses a state-of-the art Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which is designed to streamline the recruitment process while enhancing the applicant experience. 

The software collects and scans hundreds of resumes to populate its database with clients. It also uses job posting, email marketing and calendar integration to organize the recruiting process. Top Echelon’s data management system allows a recruiter to locate, contact, manage and place executive candidates more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Check out Top Echelon’s executive recruiting software now. You can even select a yearly or flexible monthly plan.


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