Simplify the way you post your jobs…

Big Biller’s Job Board Integration gives recruiters and firms a tremendous amount of flexibility. We’ll make the job board plugin match the design of your website, so you can quickly and seamlessly advertise your openings.

Smooth Job Board Integration with Your Website and Database

  • Post Your Job Orders

    Add a job in Big Biller and have it automatically post post directly to your website.

  • Receive Candidate Resumes

    Candidates who apply to your jobs will have their resume uploaded directly into your Big Biller account.

  • Share Jobs on Social Media

    When you add a job posting, you can instantly share them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Free Technical Support

    If you ever have a question, ongoing technical support is provided by our Big Biller experts for free.

An Easier Application Process for Your Candidates

Applicant Tracking Screenshot of Big Biller's recruitment job board integration
Big Biller’s Job Board Integration also simplifies things for your candidates during their job search, allowing them to:

  • Apply for specific jobs
  • Upload their resume and other information

These job board plugin features make your website incredibly intuitive and consistently drive candidates back to your site.