Editing Your Network Recruiter Profile

Top Echelon Network members are expected to fill out a Network Recruiter Profile. This profile serves many purposes:

  • Provides contact information to fellow trading partners
  • Communicates important information such as your typical Areas of Specialization
  • Shows current split placement activity between your firm and the firm of the recruiter viewing your profile
  • Provides personal information and a profile picture

This article will cover how to edit and set up your Network Recruiter Profile.

To Edit or Set Up your Network Recruiter Profile:

  • Click on the Settings Gear in the Main Navigation Bar at the top of the screen
  • Under My Account, select the My Profile option
  • Fill out or Edit the various fields available:
    • Contact Information – Be sure to keep this information up to date so that other members can easily contact you… as well as know where to send your split placement check!
    • Profile Photo – It’s always nice to put a face to a name, so help out your trading partners by uploading your picture to your profile!
    • Areas of Specialization – Choose NAICS and SOC codes that fit your niche, and type any typical industries, position titles, and skill sets you typically work into the description box.
    • Personal Profile – Share any other information that will help your trading partners get to know you, such as how you got into recruiting, why you recruit, your background expertise, etc.
  • Click the Save button in the bottom left corner to save your changes

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