Top Echelon Job Posting Overview

Top Echelon Job Posting allows you to advertise your jobs to various external job board sites around the internet. Our sponsorship-based relationship with these boards is designed to generate as much traffic and as many high-quality nominations as possible.

There are two ways to utilize the job posting service:

  • One at a Time
    • There’s no limit to the number of jobs that you can post in this fashion and each job will remain active for 30 days
  • Monthly Subscription
    • Allows you to subscribe to a specific number of job slots each month
    • This is the most flexible option because it allows you to take jobs in and out of those slots at any time at no additional cost

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Job Posting How-Tos:

Setting Up a Job Posting Subscription

With a monthly subscription, you can subscribe to a set number of job slots each month. You can take jobs out of your slots and put new ones in, but the number of jobs you have active at any one time will correspond to the number of job slots allowed by your subscription.

Advertising a Job

Lean how to advertise a Job to the Job Posting Tool through Big Biller.

Removing Job Orders from Top Echelon Job Posting

Once a Job is filled or cancelled, you can remove it from being advertised.

Reviewing and Managing Job Posting Applicants

When candidates apply to one of your Jobs, their information/resume is available for review on the Pipeline for that Job order in your Big Biller database.

Allowing a User to Post Jobs Through Top Echelon Job Posting

Is one of your recruiters not able to advertise Jobs to the Job Posting Tool? You may need to grant them access.

Top Echelon Posting Tool – Site List

A list of third party websites that Top Echelon currently partners with to bring you applications.