Merging People Records

Big Biller gives you the ability to merge People records if duplicates are found within your database.

When merging records, fields with only one input box will be overwritten (name, address, etc). If a field has more than one input box, the new information will be added as an additional line (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)

To merge duplicate People records:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the Tools & Data Management section and select Merge People

  • Search to locate the Duplicate and the Keeper records by Name
    • The one that you wish to keep as the master is labeled as the Keeper on the Merge People Records page
    • The Duplicate will be merged into the Keeper

  • Once a record has been selected, a preview of that record will display below the appropriate label
    • If you made a mistake and wish to switch the Duplicate and Keeper records, click the switch icon 
  • When you’re happy with your selections, click the Merge button

  • Click the Confirm button when prompted if you are sure that you want to merge these records

  • You’ll see a blue slide-out in the bottom left corner of the screen confirming that the request is being processed

  • You’ll see a new notification  in the top right corner of Big Biller once your merge is complete