Sharing Reports with Other Users

When running a report within Big Biller, you can choose to share your report with one or more specific users. You can also choose to share your report with the whole agency. When sharing a report with a user, the user receiving the share can:

  • View the results of the shared report
  • Update the report to view the most recent results

They cannot:

  • Edit the report criteria

To share a report with one or more users, take these steps:

  • After creating a new report, select the criteria you would like to use for the report as usual
  • Before running the report, click on the Share with Users drop down menu
    • Selecting the None option will keep the report private (only your user seat will have access)
    • Selecting the All option will share the report with all users on your agency
    • Selecting the Only These option will allow you to check the boxes for the specific users you would like to share the report with
  • After selecting the appropriate Share with Users option, Run the Report. The user(s) you’ve selected will also have access to this report in the respective Saved Reports area