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06/25/2019 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • Country searching is now available for People and Company records
  • Limit on Sent Items searching has been removed
  • Company LinkedIn posting has been restored
  • Ability to Inline Edit record titles
  • Recorded Activities immediately update in Hotlists and Pipelines
  • Activities scheduled on Planner Day View default to that day
  • New Delete Attachment permission
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05/16/2019 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • Canadian Location Radius searching is now available
  • Location is automatically populated when create a Job from a Company
  • Advertised Compensation on Jobs is now a range
  • Activity Subjects now display on Datasheets, Pipelines, and the Planner
  • Memos can be edited from the Datasheet
  • A New All Settings Page has been added to the Main Navigation
  • Updated Industry/Occupation code interface
  • New option to search by country on Job Board
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