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02/19/2019 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • A ‘Jump to Resume’ link was added to all Record Previews
  • Ability to use Merge fields in Standard Emails
  • Keyword search limit was expanded to 1,000 characters
  • A Candidate Inbox view was added to the People Dashboard
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01/09/2019 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • Two new search options: search existence of a resume and/or email
  • A new Record Filter has been added to Activity Reports
  • The “Select an Option” drop-down was changed to the new action icon
  • We’ve redesigned the Search bar on People, Company, and Job Dashboards
  • The Hotlist Sidebar will now display the 20 most recently modified Hotlists and a Find box has been added
  • For those who utilize our Job Board service:
    • The ability to send Auto Responders has been added to the Job Board
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11/15/2018 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • Log and Schedule Activity windows are now movable
  • For those who utilize our Job Board service
    • A Featured Jobs option has been added to draw attention to your firm’s hot Job Orders
    • Ability to build and copy Job Board Quicklinks from Job Search Results
  • Ability to locate Jobs that are posted to specific advertising venues through Advanced Search
  • Ability to close Jobs in a mass format from a list of Job Search Results, or a Hotlist
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10/15/2018 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • Activity Notifications have been added to scheduled Activities
  • Priority field has been added to all scheduled Activities
  • Ability to “See All Notifications” has been added to the Notification bell
  • Help section of the Sidebar has a fresh new look
    • We also rolled out a new Help Center home page
  • A daily Activity count was added to the Day and Week views of the Planner
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10/03/2018 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • Our team has been hard at work on the Planner revamp which makes it easier than ever to see what you’ve done and what you need to do for a particular day, week or month. This update includes:
    • Addition of Day, Week, Month, and All Overdue views
    • Calendar widget
    • Filters for User, Activity Type, and Activity Status
    • “Go to Today” button
    • Remembering your view and filter selections after taking an action or navigating away from the page
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08/22/2018 – Big Biller Product Updates

  • Ability to bulk upload resumes
  • Added an Email Parse Log to review results of the resumes you send to the email parser
  • Radius search options have been expanded
  • Added a Bulk Ownership Change feature to mass transfer the ownership of records and entities from one user to another
    • Note: a new permission has been added for this feature as well
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