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Pipeline Reports

  • Navigate to Reports in the Main Navigation Bar
  • Click on the plus sign icon to the right of the Pipeline Reports header
  • After giving your report a name, use the report builder at the top of the page to specify which Pipelines you would like to review
  • Click the Run Report button to generate results
  • Once your report has generated, you can toggle between the Table View to review counts, or the Table Details View to review specific candidate names
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Copying Records From One Pipeline To Another

  • Navigate to the corresponding Pipeline and check the boxes to the left of the records you wish to copy
  • Click to expand the Select an Action drop-down and select Add Selected to Pipeline
  • Find and select the appropriate Job Order(s) you wish to copy the records to
  • click the Save button when complete
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Adding People to a Pipeline

  • There are several different ways to add candidates to a Pipeline:
    • From a Person’s Datasheet
      • click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the Pipeline card
    • From a list (search results, Hotlist, or another Pipeline)
      • select the records you wish to add, click to expand the action icon and select Add to a Pipeline
    • Directly from the Pipeline itself
      • navigate to the corresponding pipeline and click the +Add People link at the top of the list
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Customize Your Pipeline Stages

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the page and select Settings
  • Click to expand the My Agency section and then select Manage Pipeline Stages
  • Add/Edit/Delete stages as needed and rearrange the list so that it matches your firm’s placement process
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Viewing a Candidate’s Activity History in a Pipeline

  • Navigate to the corresponding Pipeline
    • Make sure that the Last Activity column is displayed
  • Click on the bottom right corner of the Last Activity column to expand that candidate’s activity history
    • Click the bottom right corner a second time to minimize the activity history
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Logging Placements

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job Order’s Pipeline
  • Make sure the candidate’s Current Stage is updated to Placement
  • Switch to the Placements view and click the Fill out Form button
  • Enter all necessary details and click the Save button in the bottom left corner
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