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Managing Job Order Records

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Job Order Workflow

  • While there’s more than one way to correctly fill a Job Order using Big Biller, many users have mentioned that having a general workflow helps to provide a basic framework.
  • This workflow includes the major steps of the Job Order process. Please view the full article to click on each step and view the supporting documents for that topic.
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Inline Editing

  • Navigate to the corresponding record and locate the card you wish to edit
  • Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the card and click the Save button when complete
  • After saving, you’ll notice that the record is immediately updated with your new change(s)
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Printing a Datasheet

  • Navigate to the corresponding record you wish to print
  • Click to expand the Record Options drop-down menu
  • Select Print Datasheet
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Pinning a Record

  • Navigate to the corresponding Datasheet of the record you wish to pin
  • Click on the Unpinned icon to the right of the record tabs
    • You’ll notice the icon now changes to designate the record as Pinned
  • To view Pinned records, expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the page and click the Pinned icon
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Assigning a Job Order Priority

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job’s Datasheet
  • Locate the General card and click the pencil icon to inline edit the Priority field
  • Click to expand the Priority drop-down menu
  • Select the appropriate priority from the list and click the Save button when complete
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Reordering Cards on a Datasheet

  • Hover your cursor over the top left corner of a card you wish to move
  • Your cursor should change to an open hand icon which allows you to click, hold, and drag the card to a new location
  • Please note:
    • Cards cannot be reordered from a mobile phone or tablet
    • After moving a card on a Datasheet, that card will remain in the same place for all records within that corresponding database moving forward
    • Datasheet layouts are always user specific
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