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Managing Job Order Records

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Jobs Overview

  • The Jobs Overview tab on a Company record displays a summary of the Open and On Hold Job Orders associated with that particular Company record
  • To view the Jobs Overview for a particular Company:
    • Navigate to the appropriate Company Datasheet and click on the Jobs Overview tab
    • When reviewing the Jobs Overview, you can sort the list by clicking on the column header of the criteria you wish to sort by
    • Clicking on the Furthest Stage links will route you to the corresponding view on that Job Order’s Pipeline
    • Clicking in the Candidates column of a Job Order in will display a quick snapshot of the candidates associated with that Job Order’s Pipeline
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Managing People, Company, and Job Order Records

  • To reorder cards on a Datasheet, hover your cursor over the top left corner of a card you wish to move
    • Click, hold, and drag the card to a new location
  • With the proper permissions, you can also create new custom cards/fields for your records
    • To do so, navigate to Settings within the Side bar, click to expand the My Agency section and then select Manage Custom Fields
  • To inline edit a piece of information on a record, click the pencil icon in the top right corner of that card
  • In addition to the cards on the Datasheet, you’ll also find tabs for other parts of the record at the top of the screen:
    • Attachments tab displays all documents/files that are attached to the record and allows you to add new ones
    • Activities tab displays all open and completed Activities related to the record
    • Record options drop-down gives you access to email, print, duplicate (C/J only), and delete the record
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  • Tags function as a custom coding system for People, Company, and Job Order records within Big Biller
  • Tags are most widely used on People records because they will automatically parse when adding new resumes
    • To add or remove tags for a specific record, locate and edit the Tags & Codes card on a Datasheet
    • To review a count of how many times a tag has been used, add tag aliases, delete, or merge tags, navigate to Settings within the Sidebar and select Manage Tags
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Creating Custom Cards and Fields

  • Expand the Sidebar and click on Settings
  • Click to expand the My Agency section and select Manage Custom Fields
  • Select the Record Type you wish to create the custom field(s) for
    • Click the +Add a New Card button if you wish to create a new card
  • Click the Add Field link, enter a Field Label and then click Save
  • Choose the appropriate Field Type and add any appropriate Options
  • Click the Save button once complete
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Duplicate/Copy a Company or Job Order Record

  • Navigate to the original Company or Job Order record you wish to copy
  • Click to expand the Record Options drop-down and select Duplicate Record
  • A new add screen will populate with the original details already entered
  • Make any necessary adjustments and click the Save button
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Job Order Workflow

  • While there’s more than one way to correctly fill a Job Order using Big Biller, many users have mentioned that having a general workflow helps to provide a basic framework.
  • This workflow includes the major steps of the Job Order process. Please view the full article to click on each step and view the supporting documents for that topic.
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