Turning On/Off Automatic Tag Parsing

Tags function as a custom coding system for People, Company, and Job Order records within Big Biller.

When parsing new resumes, Big Biller will look through the resume and automatically code the new record with the matching Tags by default. These can be found within the Tags & Codes card on a Datasheet.

If you wish to turn off automatic Tag parsing and manually add Tags to your People records instead, you can do so with the proper permissions.

To turn on or off automatic tag parsing for your agency:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the screen and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the My Agency section and select Manage Parsing

  • From the Manage Parsing page, use the Tags Parsing toggle in the Additional Settings section to designate whether or not you’d like Big Biller to automatically parse your Tags
    • Yes = Big Biller will automatically code all newly parsed resumes with matching Tags from your agency’s database
      • This the default for this setting
    • No =  Big Biller will not automatically code newly parsed resumes with matching Tags
      • This would require you to manually add Tags to your People records, if you choose to use them

tag parsing settings