Verifying Your Domain

Big Biller’s email system uses industry-standard domain authentication for better deliverability, but does require some “technology legwork” before you can begin sending. You’ll need to get your DNS set so that it “signs” every email you send from Big Biller. This lets other mail servers know that this message is valid and was intentionally sent by your company, not faked (“spoofed”) by some less-than-honorable sender.

Here are the steps to do so:

  • Click this Verify your Domain link (must be done by the Owner/Main Contact on the account)
  • On the new page that opens, enter your domain name (example: and then click Next
  • The system will generate 5 DNS sets of Host/Name values. Enter these into your DNS
  • Once those values are entered into your DNS, go back to the Verify your Domain page and click the Verify button
  • From there, our system will check your domain to ensure the values are correctly in place
    • If they are correct, the page will list your domain as Verified
    • If any of the entries are not correct, they will be marked with yellow warning boxes and text indicating the issue with that entry

Please note: DNS entries can take a while to completely update throughout the entire web. If you’re fairly confident the entries are correct, but the Verify page reports issues, take a break and go back to the page later. It’s possible that the values have been cached by a server and the errors will clear up after some time.  Most domain control panels state that DNS entries may take 24-48 hours to update.  If the errors persist past 2 days, please contact us at for assistance.