Mass Email to Role Email Addresses

Role email addresses are typically managed by several people as opposed to one single person. Due to the nature of these addresses, they are susceptible to unwarranted spam reports and high bounce rates. Therefore, sending to them can result in a negative impact on deliverability and server reputation.

In order to protect deliverability and server reputation for our users, Big Biller blocks mass emails sent to role accounts.

Some of the more common role accounts include:

  • admin@
  • billing@
  • info@
  • sales@
  • support@
  • @googlegroups
  • @yahoogroups

The count of role emails that were blocked (and not sent) for a particular message can be viewed within the Email Stats section of the Sent Email Details page in Big Biller.

Clicking the related number will display the corresponding Recipients in the card on the left.