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Mass Email to Role Email Addresses

  • Role email addresses are typically managed by several people as opposed to one single person. Due to the nature of these addresses, they are susceptible to unwarranted spam reports and high bounce rates.
    • Therefore, sending to them can result in a negative impact on deliverability and server reputation.
  • In order to protect deliverability and server reputation for our users, Big Biller blocks mass emails sent to role accounts.
  • The count of role emails that were blocked (and not sent) for a particular message can be viewed within the Email Stats section of the Sent Email Details page in Big Biller.
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Email Parse Log

  • Expand the Sidebar and click on Settings
  • Click to expand the Email section and select Email Parse Log
  • This page will display the most recent 100 messages that were sent to your unique parse address
    • Items highlighted in red indicate some sort of error or failure within that email
    • To review the detailed results, click the arrow icon to the left corresponding message
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DMARC – Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance

  • Large email providers such as (AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo) have implemented tougher policies on who or what can send email on their behalf.
  • Therefore, Big Biller will not send email on your behalf unless you change your email address to a domain name that you control and has an active email account.
    • Please note: Integrating your Google account with Big Biller will allow you to send standard mail directly from your Gmail account, rather than from Big Biller’s email servers. Mass emails will continue to be sent from Big Biller’s email servers and therefore must be sent from an email address of your domain name.
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Setting Email Alias Permissions

  • Expand the Sidebar and click on Settings
  • Click to Expand the My Agency section and select Manage Users
  • Click the edit icon to the right of the person you wish to set email alias permissions for
  • Under the user’s Permissions, click to expand the Email section
  • To the right of Allowed to Send Email Using Aliases and Manage Email Aliases, set the appropriate permission and click the Save button when complete
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Email Aliases

  • To create a new Email Alias:
    • Expand the Sidebar and click on Settings
    • Click to expand the Email section and select Manage Email Aliases
    • Add the Alias address and click the Verify button when complete
    • Check the corresponding email inbox for a verification link
  • To send from a verified Email Alias:
    • Navigate to a new email window and select the appropriate From address
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Logging Incoming Emails

  • To log incoming emails from your email provider:
    • Locate and copy your unique Log Address Email (Settings –> Email –> Log & Parse Addresses)
    • Navigate to your email program
    • Forward an email and paste your unique log address in the TO field
      • After sending to this address once, your email program should remember this address. No need to memorize it or copy and paste it each time.
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