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  • Notifications within Big Biller are a way of letting you know when certain actions are completed within the software (i.e. Contact Imports, Exports, Reports, Merges, records added to one of your Pipelines)
  • To review notifications
    • Locate and click on the bell icon in the top right corner of the software
      • A number in a red box should appear in the top right corner to alert you of any new notifications
    • Clicking on the notifications bell will clear the red number and display¬†your¬†10 most recent notifications and links to review the completed actions
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Big Biller Sidebar Functions and Lists

  • The Sidebar allows for quick access to various Big Biller functions and lists
  • To expand the Sidebar, click the three-dot arrow icon in the top right corner of the software
    • The Sidebar will remain in this expanded view until you choose to minimize it
  • To minimize the Sidebar, click the X to the left of the Sidebar icons
  • The Sidebar is made up of six different icons: Daily Agenda, Pinned, Hotlists, Recent, Help, and Settings
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Big Biller Navigation Features

  • Main Navigation Bar (top left corner of Big Biller)
    • TE Logo will return you to the main dashboard
    • People, Companies and Jobs will direct you to the corresponding dashboard
    • Planner will display all Activities for a selected time frame
    • Email will display recently sent emails along with other email related options
    • Reports will allow you to run a new or saved report
  • Notification bell – will let you know when certain actions are completed within the software (ex – exports, reports, merges)
  • Plus sign icon – click to add a new Person, Company or Job Order record
  • Quick Find – quickly look up a specific record when needed
  • Sidebar – access your Daily Agenda, Pinned Records, Hotlists, Recent Records, Help Center and Settings
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How to Use Big Biller’s Quick Find Function

  • Click and begin typing in the Find box in the top right corner of the software
    • You can search for any record type (People, Companies, Jobs) based on Name, ID, Title, Phone Number, or Email Address
  • As you start typing, matching results will populate underneath
  • Click on the appropriate record to view the corresponding Datasheet
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