Reviewing and Managing Job Board and Job Posting Applicants

Job Board and Job Posting applicants are immediately added to the Inbox of that Job Order’s Pipeline. The Owner of the Job will also get a notification via the notification bell in the upper right corner of Big Biller.

From the Inbox, you can review and decide what to do with these candidates. After reviewing their resume, you can begin moving them into the next stages of the Pipeline, remove them from the Pipeline, or remove them from your database entirely from the Select an Action drop-down.

If a candidate simply submitted their resume on your website and did not apply to a specific Job, the candidate will flow directly into your Big Biller database and the Main Contact on your account will also receive a notification within the software.

To review Job Board and Job Posting applicants for a specific position:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job Order record
  • Click on the Pipeline tab and then select the Inbox view

To move this candidate to the In Play view:

  • Click the appropriate Stage in the Current Stage column

To move this candidate to the Disqualified view:

  • Click the thumbs-down icon to the right of the Current Stage column

To remove the candidate from the Pipeline:

  • Check the box to the left of the corresponding record and then click to expand the Select An Action drop-down
  • Click on Remove Selected from Pipeline

To delete the candidate from your Big Biller database entirely:

  • Check the box to the left of the corresponding record and then click to expand the Select An Action drop-down
  • Click on Delete Selected from Database
    • Please note that this option is NOT removing the candidate from the Pipeline only. This option will delete and remove the person’s record from Big Biller entirely

  • When prompted, click the Confirm button if you are sure that you want to delete the selected record(s) from your database