Auto Responders

Auto Responders are email templates that are automatically sent from your Job Board each time a job seeker submits their information through your website. These emails are a great way to communicate instantly with these candidates and can serve as a confirmation that their information was received.

To turn on Auto Responders:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the Job Board & Posting section and then select Auto Responders

  • Change the toggle to Yes for the Auto Responder(s) you wish to send
    • Job Seeker Add Resume Auto Responder = This message will be sent to candidates who submit their resume through your Big Biller Job Board, without nominating for a specific Job
    • Job Application Auto Responder = This message will be sent to candidates who nominate themselves for a Job through your Big Biller Job Board
  • Select the appropriate Reply to Address
    • This is the email address you want the message to come from
  • Enter a Subject for the email
  • Enter the body of the email in the Message box
  • Click the Save button in the bottom left corner when complete