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Icon Legend

  • This article serves as a legend for the icons throughout the Big Biller and Top Echelon Network software.
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Allowing Browser Notifications

  • When a Notification time arrives, you’ll see the indication in the bell icon in the top right corner of the software. However, you can also take advantage of your browser’s notifications so you’ll be reminded even if you happen to be logged into Big Biller, but looking at another web page.
  • In order to receive those browser notifications,  you must allow to show notifications.
    • Most browsers will prompt you to allow notifications the first time that a site tries to send one.
    • However, if you initially blocked the notifications and wish to allow them at a later time, you’ll need to make that update within your brower settings.
  • Since all browsers handle notifications a bit differently, we’ve included instructions for the most common ones in this article.
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Changing the Main Contact on a Big Biller Account

  • The current main contact will want to expand the Sidebar and click on Settings
  • Click to Expand the My Agency section and select Agency Profile
  • Select the appropriate user from the Owner/Main Contact drop-down and click the Save Agency button
  • Click here for more information about the owner/main contact
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Big Biller Main Contact

  • Each Big Biller account has one Main Contact….so what does that mean?
    • The Main Contact in Big Biller has the rights to the data and is the ultimate decision maker in regards to your Big Biller account
      • This includes activating or canceling your Big Biller subscription
    • The Main Contact will always have the ability to manage billing and additional users
    • The Main Contact’s profile and permissions cannot be edited by any other user on the account (even those that have permission to manage users)
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Big Biller Time Zone and Date Settings

  • There are several places within Big Biller that include date and/or time stamps
  • All time and date stamps are written to the software as Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
    • However, the display of these dates and times is always converted to the time zone set on your device
  • If you’re working with a team across different time zones, when you log or schedule an Activity in Big Biller, that Activity is displayed at the respective local time on each additional user’s calendar
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How to Zip a File

  • In order to use Big Biller’s bulk resume upload feature, you’ll need to compress your resumes files into a single zipped folder
  • To zip a folder in Windows:
    • Right-click on the corresponding colder and select the Send To option
    • Click on Compressed (zipped) folder
  • To zip a folder on a Mac:
    • Right-click on the corresponding folder and select Compress “Folder”
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