Managing Your Agency’s Parse Settings

Big Biller will automatically check for duplicates and update existing records when email parsing, bulk uploading resumes, and receiving nominations through the Job BoardJob Posting, and/or Network services (if applicable). Based on your agency’s parse settings, that update could include a full re-parse of the new resume, or just an attachment of the new file without any updates to the Datasheet fields.

Please note that the ability to manage your agency’s parse settings is restricted to only those users that have the proper permissions.

To manage your agency’s parse settings:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the screen and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the My Agency section and select Manage Parsing

manage parsing in Big Biller

  • From the Manage Parsing page, use the toggles in the Duplicate Handling section to designate how you’d like Big Biller to parse records into your database from each given venue
    • Update Record = When a duplicate record is found via this venue, Big Biller will update the record that already exists with the contents of the new resume and set it as the Current Resume.
      • When re-parsing the resume, fields with only one input box will be overwritten (ex – address, etc.)
      • If a field has more than one input box, the new information will be added as an additional line (ex – phone numbers, email addresses, etc.)
    • Just Attach File = When a duplicate record is found via this venue, Big Biller will not update the record’s Datasheet fields, but will attach the resume as an additional file. The new file will not be set as the Current Resume.

manage parsing settings in Big Biller