How to Use the Top Echelon Chrome Extension

The Top Echelon Chrome Extension tool can be added to your Google Chrome browser and is designed to streamline and automate manual data entry for the Big Biller recruiting software. The extension will allow you to import candidates directly from webpages right into Big Biller. It will import the text that’s selected, check to see if the record already exists in your database, and if it isn’t, will create a new record for you. You can also add the contact to a Pipeline right from the extension to save even more time! 

Please note that this extension is only available through Google Chrome’s web browser. In addition, when using the Top Echelon Chrome Extension tool, only import information into your database that you have permission to add.

Watching Videos Not Your Thing? Below is a Step-by-Step tutorial on how to install and utilize the Chrome Extension –

To install the Chrome Extension for the first time:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the Addons & Integrations section and then select Chrome Extension

  • The installation instructions will populate on the left side of the Big Biller Chrome Extension page
  • To begin, click the Go to Chrome Store button

  • This will route you to the Chrome Web Store
  • Click the Add to Chrome button in the top right corner

  • A box will appear in the top middle of your browser to ask if you would like to add the extension
  • Click the Add Extension button

  • You’ll see the Top Echelon logo added to the Chrome toolbar in the top right corner of your browser

  • Click the Top Echelon logo and enter your Big Biller login credentials
  • Click the Login button when complete

  • You should see a notification letting you know that you’ve successfully logged in
  • Now you’re ready to start parsing profiles with the extension!

To use the Chrome Extension:

  • Navigate to a web page that you’d like to parse into Big Biller
  • Highlight all or part of the page that you wish to keep and click on the extension logo in the Chrome toolbar
  • A dialog box will appear that will give you a glimpse of some of the information that will be saved into your database
  • Click the Add This Record button to save them into Big Biller

  • Once the new record is added to Big Biller, you can view the datasheet immediately or add the record to a pipeline, right from the extension window

  • If the extension detects an existing record for this person in your Big Biller database, it will give you the options to view the existing datasheet, add them to a pipeline, or bypass the warning and create a new record