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How to Complete a Bulk Resume Upload

  • Big Biller’s bulk resume upload feature allow you to mass parse resumes into your database.
    • In order to use the bulk resume upload feature, you’ll need to compress your resume files into a single zipped folder
  • From within Big Biller, expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the page and click on the Settings icon
  • Click to expand the Tools & Data Management section and then select Bulk Resume Upload
  • To begin a new import, click the Upload Resumes button and then follow the prompts
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How to Add Records to Big Biller

  • Click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner of the database
  • You’ll be presented with the option to add a Person, Company, or Job
    • From the Add a Person page, you can manually enter the corresponding information on the left, or parse a resume on the right
    • From the Add a Company or Add a Job page, you can manually enter all corresponding information
  • Enter all necessary details and then click the Save button in the bottom left corner
  • Note: You can also add new People records by utilizing the Email Parser, Chrome Extension, and/or Contact Importer
    • You can also add new Company records by utilizing the Contact Importer
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Updating the Browser Extension

  • The Chrome Extension can be manually re-installed within the software or updated through the Chrome Extension Settings page
    • To re-install within Big Biller: Navigate to Settings in the Sidebar, expand the Addons & Integrations section, and select Chrome Extension. From there, click the Go to Chrome Store button.
    • To update through the Chrome Extensions Settings page: Navigate to the corresponding page (chrome://extensions/), check the box for Developer mode and click the Update extensions now button
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Managing Your Agency’s Parse Settings

  • Expand the Sidebar and click on the Settings icon
  • Expand the My Agency section and select Manage Parsing
  • Use the toggles in the Duplicate Handling section to designate how you’d like Big Biller to parse records into your database from each given venue
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Locating Your Email Parse Address

  • The first time you use the Email Parser, you’ll need to locate and copy your unique Email Parse address. To do so:
    • Expand the Sidebar and click on the Settings icon
    • Expand the Email section and select Parse & Log Addresses
    • Locate the Parse Email Address and click the Copy Address button on the right
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How to Use the Top Echelon Browser Extension

  • To download the Browser Extension
    • Expand the Sidebar and click on the Settings icon
    • Click to expand Addons & Integrations and select Browser Extension
    • Follow the installation instructions on the left side of the page
  • To use the Browser Extension (once it’s installed)
    • Navigate to an appropriate online web page you’d like to parse
    • Click the extension logo in the Chrome or Edge toolbar
    • Click the Add this Record button to save them into Big Biller
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