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Jobs Dashboard

  • The Jobs Dashboard gives you the ability to run a search within your Job records, but also gives you information in regards to your current openings
    • To navigate to the Jobs Dashboard, click on Jobs in the Main Navigation Bar
    • At the top of the Dashboard you can run a new search, run saved searches, or review recent searches
    • The middle of the page shows a list of Open Jobs based on your selected user
      • Clicking in the Candidates column of a Job Order in either view will display a quick snapshot of the candidates associated with that Job Order’s Pipeline
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Searching Network Jobs

  • To run a search for Network Jobs, navigate to Jobs in the Main Navigation Bar
  • Enter the appropriate search criteria at the top of the Jobs Dashboard
  • From the results page, navigate to the Network tab to review the matching Network Jobs
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Working Network Jobs

  • After reviewing a Network Job that you’re interested in, you may choose to work the Job
  • Working a Job provides several benefits including:
    • It will be added to the Working Jobs view of your Jobs Dashboard for quick access
    • You’ll receive update Notifications when the Job is removed (or eventually reshared) to the Network so you’re always in the loop
    • Provides a Working Job Actions card with easy access to common Job functions
    • Provides a My Agency Comments card which allows you to document your own internal comments and notes
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Locating Advertised Jobs

  • To locate advertised Jobs:
    • Navigate to the Jobs Dashboard and click the Advanced link to the right of the search bar
    • Locate the Advertising card and check the corresponding service(s) you wish to search
    • Click the Run Search button in the bottom left corner to view your results
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Sharing a Job to the Network and TEN Jobs Feed

  • There are three places where a job can be share to the Network and TEN Jobs Feed within Big Biller:
    • Job Order add screen
      • Check the box to the right of the Share Job with Top Echelon Network and Share Job With TEN Jobs Feed options in the bottom left corner after the Job details have been entered
    • Jobs Dashboard
      • Click the Share to Top Echelon Network icon (and Share Job with TEN Jobs Feed icon) in the Advertising column to the right of the corresponding Job details
    • Advertise Card on a Job Order Datasheet
      • Click the Share link(s) under the Network section of the Advertise Card on the Job Datasheet
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