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Managing User Sessions

  • Those with user management permissions have access to view and manage other user sessions on both an individual and aggregate level
  • This allows you to review each user’s active session details, including the last time they were active and the ability to revoke sessions at any time
  • User sessions can be viewed on an individual basis from a corresponding User Profile, or on an aggregate agency level from the Manage User Sessions page within the Sidebar
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Reporting a Network Falloff

  • Locate the corresponding Placement Form
  • If the Placement is not TEN Finalized, click the pencil icon to the right of the Placement ID
  • If the Placement is TEN Finalized (meaning all parties have been paid in full), click the Report Falloff button
  • Change the Placement Status to Falloff and then click the Save button at the bottom of the form
  • After saving, you’ll be prompted to share the reason for the Falloff before submitting
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Reporting Network Placements

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job’s Pipeline
  • Move the appropriate candidate to the Placement stage
  • When prompted, click the Yes button to fill out the Placement Form
  • Enter all necessary details and click Save when complete
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