How to Leverage Your Recruitment Software to Grow Your Business

As an agency recruiter, the main way in which you grow your business is through the making of more placements. When you make more placements more quickly, your billings increase, and more than likely, your profits increase, as well. And the top recruitment agency software packages in the profession are powerful and flexible enough to be used by both small agencies and mid-sized firms.

Small Business Recruiting Software

The very first version of Big Biller was specifically for small recruiting agencies, specifically for solo practitioners who owned an agency and also worked a desk. While Big Biller has grown over the years, it’s still uniquely suited for smaller agencies, focusing on ease of use and versatility.

For agencies of this size, speed is key. As the saying goes, “Time kills all deals.” Big Biller’s simple interface and emphasis on fewer clicks and keystrokes allows agency owners and recruiters to complete important tasks more quickly for the purpose of sourcing, screening, and presenting qualified passive candidates to the hiring manager. Once again, the best way to grow a recruiting business is by making more placements and making them more quickly.

Mid-sized Business Recruiting Software

During the past several years, Big Biller has continued to grow and not caters to both small recruiting agencies and also mid-sized and larger recruiter firms. Big Biller has accomplished this by bolstering its feature set in regards to these firms, providing tools that help agency owners successfully manage and maintain not just one or two recruiters, but a whole team of recruiting and staffing professionals.

One of the major areas in which Big Biller has excelled is customization. The recruitment CRM software gives users the ability to create unlimited custom fields for People, Company, and Job Order records. Most of these custom field types are directly searchable, with the exception of text block fields. Big Biller users can create custom fields in the following formats: text, date, drop-down, multi-select, numeric, or text block.

However, these are just two of the features that make Big Biller one of the best applicant tracking systems and recruiting CRM tool on the market.

What are applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how do they work?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software package that pretty much does what its name suggests: it allows recruiters to track applicants all the way through the placement process. That, though, is a simplified definition. That’s because a refined ATS is more complex and offers more in the way of automated candidate management tools, helping users save both time and effort. However, just because a system is complex does not mean it is difficult. Some of the most powerful ATS systems in the world are simple and easy to operate.

In fact, the best applicant tracking systems make it easy to move candidates through the three main stages of the process:

Adding candidates (sourcing)

An ATS should offer multiple ways for users to source and add candidates to the system. This can include automatic parsing, email parsing, and bulk data importing. Versatility and flexibility equates to ease of use. The key is to get as many job resumes into the software as quickly as you can.

Searching candidates (finding)

The faster that you can find the right candidates in your database, the better. That’s why the best ATS packages allow you to search with multiple criteria for more targeted results.

Managing candidates (placing)

This is where the real value of an applicant tracking system resides, in its ability to allow recruiters to accurately track and evaluate candidates at every stage of the process. With the most important stage, of course, the one in which the candidate is hired and a placement is made.

The name of the game is speed and accuracy. An ATS must help recruiters identify the right passive candidates and move them as quickly as possible through the placement and hiring process.

Big Biller offers both an applicant tracking system free trial and demo.

You can sign up for a FREE 15-day trial of the software


Or you can sign up for a live demo of the Big Biller ATS recruitment system


Best Recruiting Software for Recruiters and Your Business

That being said, the best recruiting software for recruiters is a package that excels at being both an ATS and a CRM. Such a software provides a comprehensive solution for recruiters seeking to take full advantage of their interactions with candidates and the relationships that they build with them.

The best recruitment CRM tool to help streamline your hiring process not only offers cutting edge technological tools for sourcing and adding and tracking the right candidates, but it also provides customizations, automations, and workflows to allow you to continue building and maintaining relationships with both candidates and hiring managers on your recruiting desk and within your agency. It truly is the “best of both worlds.”

In other words, the best recruiting CRM tool for your business is one that works “for” your business and not “against” it. That means it offers a wide-range of features and functionality, it’s highly customizable and intuitive for the average user, and operates as a perfect complement to the way in which you run your recruiting desk and your recruiting agency.

4 Features You Need in Recruiting Software

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small recruiting agency, a mid-sized agency, or a large recruiting firm with multiple team members… there are certain features that you actually want and need in your recruiting software and online recruitment CRM tool. Four of those features are as follows:

Email Marketing

In this day and age, electronic communication and staying in front of candidates and clients is extremely important. Logging emails in and out of Big Biller and turning repetitive ones into templates will save important time. Below is more functionality associated with Big Biller’s email marketing features:

  • Mass email to your contacts from search results
  • Logging of every email sent
  • Ability to utilize email alias’
  • Dedicated marketing mail servers

Activity Planner

The planner is one of Big Biller’s most effective features. With it, you can schedule events, meetings, calls, and tasks so you know what you need to do, what’s completed, and what’s overdue. While the Activity Planner is simple to use, it’s extraordinarily powerful, allowing users to sync an external iCal calendar and seamlessly moving Planner activities to a different day.

Job Posting

Big Biller recruiting software users can seamlessly post jobs to sites like Monster, ZipRecruiter, and more. This way, you can continue sourcing candidates and collecting job applications for your job orders. In fact, Big Biller offers one of the most affordable job posting engines in the industry, starting at just $21 per job for a 30-day posting. Multi-job packages are also available. These packages are discounted for volume, meaning the bigger the package, the more affordable the postings.

Easy Reporting

With Big Biller, you can gain a better understanding of how well you or your team are doing with Big Biller’s customized reports. In terms of reporting, there are three different types of reports within Big Biller:

  1. Activity Reports—Allows agency owners to see how many activities were logged by each user for a specified timeframe
  2. Pipeline Reports—Allows owners to review Pipeline candidates across multiple Job Orders at one time. It allows them to see candidate names and total counts within the various stages of their recruitment process so they can establish priorities and review overall progress.
  3. Placement Reports—Allows owners to review placement details for their firm over a specified time frame. This report also allows owners to compare metrics, such as Total Fees by User and by Company. In addition, owners can review other important placement details, such as their firm’s Average Fee, Time-to-Fill, and Source Reporting.

Easily Manage Your Applicants Online with Our Candidate Management Tool

Big Biller’s recruiting CRM is designed to help you maximize your communication with applicants and job candidates, so that you can track and manage them easily, both online and during the recruiting process. The result: the streamlining of your day-to-day workflow and the saving of precious time that you can put to good use operating other important parts of your recruiting desk.

How Easy is the Big Biller Candidate Management Tool to Use?

One of the best parts of the Big Biller CRM for recruitment agencies is that it’s extremely easy to use. The heart of Big Biller’s effectiveness is its intuitive nature and ability to get recruiters up to speed quickly. However, Big Biller Training and Support Team leaves nothing to chance, helping new users of the software at every step and stage of the onboarding process. (It should be noted that training and support are free for Big Biller users during the life the service.)

But it’s not just about making you happy. It’s also about making your clients happy, as well. The easier that Big Biller is to use, the easier it will be to present the type of candidates that your clients want to hire. But even beyond that, it’s not just about making you and your clients happy, either. It’s about making the top candidates in the marketplace happy by providing a superior candidate experience.

Ease of use is at the heart of Big Biller’s value. The software makes life easier for recruiters, clients, and candidates. That’s the very definition of a win-win-win situation!

How will the Big Biller candidate management tool help my team manage candidates online and on the go?

Big Biller tackles the challenges of mobile recruiting with its mobile-friendly interface for users. This means that the software conforms to whatever device you’re using. It could be a personal computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. So you can easily manage your applicants online with the Big Biller candidate management tool—no matter where you are!

Which ATS system is right for you?

One of the best ways to find out which ATS system is right for you is to research the available systems. This includes signing up for a demo of the software and even a free trial, if one is offered. (Some talent management systems do not offer a free trial of their software packages.)

Needless to say, the best recruiting CRM offer a free trial of its software, a demo, or both. Big Biller offers both free trial and demo. You can sign up for a FREE 15-day trial of the software by clicking here. Or you can sign up for a live demo of the Big Biller ATS recruitment system by clicking here.

Big Biller offers both an applicant tracking system free trial and demo.

You can sign up for a FREE 15-day trial of the software


Or you can sign up for a live demo of the Big Biller ATS recruitment system