When do you need to use recruiting software?

As an agency recruiter, the main way in which you grow your business is through the making of more placements. When you make more placements more quickly, your billings increase, and more than likely, your profits increase, as well. And the top recruitment agency software packages in the profession are powerful and flexible enough to be used by both small agencies and mid-sized firms.

When it comes to hiring (and by extension, recruiting), speed is of the essence. The more quickly you can move, the more quickly you can find the right candidate and hire or place them. Consequently, the overriding value of the best recruiting tools is their ability to help you automate and optimize the recruitment process.

What is the recruitment process? The recruitment process includes all of the steps necessary to successfully identify, engage, and hire job candidates in the employment marketplace. The recruitment process steps include:

  • Sourcing
  • Resume screening
  • Interviewing (phone and face-to-face)
  • Evaluation and testing
  • Onboarding

And after all, your goal is to hire or place the best candidate possible in the shortest amount of time possible. The right recruiting software can help you accomplish that, mainly because it helps:

Save time— Who wants to spend time doing things that could be automated with software for recruiting? Ideally, you want to devote more of your time to those tasks that matter the most.

Increase productivity— When you save time, you should also be increasing productivity. That’s because, as we just mentioned, you’re devoting more of your time to those tasks that matter the most.

Enhance the candidate experience— What’s the point of attracting the best candidates if you can’t impress them? After all, if you can’t impress them, then you probably aren’t going to hire or place them.

So to make all of this happen, you need a recruitment platform for the purpose of recruitment process outsourcing. What’s a recruitment platform? Essentially, it’s a software for recruiting or a talent acquisition software, one that will help you to streamline and maximize all of the recruitment process steps.

Big Biller offers both an applicant tracking system free trial and demo.

You can sign up for a FREE 15-day trial of the software


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What is talent acquisition software?

What is talent acquisition software? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s software that helps you acquire talent. Okay, perhaps that’s a simplification. The reality is a bit more complicated than that, largely because the recruiting and hiring process is also a bit more complicated than that.

Talent acquisition software is any software package that helps employers acquire top talent or helps recruiting agencies find top talent for their clients. Ideally, this software will—once again—help hiring managers or recruiters automate, streamline, and optimize all of steps to the recruitment process (which we outlined above).

The value of talent acquisition software is determined by how comprehensive the software is. In other words, if it doesn’t address ALL of the important aspects of the process, then its value is limited. With this is mind, it might be a good idea to create a recruitment process flowchart for your organization, and when evaluating a talent acquisition software package, compare the components of that flowchart to the recruiter tools that the software offers.

How will the software help your business?

So, how will talent acquisition software help your organization or your recruiting business? How will the software’s recruiter tools help you achieve your goals for recruiting and hiring? Specifically, in these four ways:

#1—Source more qualified candidates.

Sourcing candidates is one thing. Sourcing the right candidates is another. Identifying viable candidates early in the process is crucial to achieving a satisfactory result within the anticipated timeframe. The more time you have to spend on sourcing the right candidates, the less time you have to do what’s necessary to actually hire those candidates.

This is exactly why you must have the best recruiting sourcing tools at your disposal. What is the best recruitment software, one that will add these tools (and others) to your hiring and/or placement process? Big Biller by Top Echelon is the best recruitment software, proving ATS and CRM functionality, as well as top-of-the-line recruiting sourcing tools, recruitment selection tools, and recruiter search tools.

#2—Screen candidates more quickly.

Speaking of recruiter search tools, even if you’re able to source more qualified candidates, you still have to screen those candidates to identify the “best of the best.” And once again, it stands to reason that the more quickly you can accomplish this, the more you can streamline the recruitment process steps and achieve optimum results.

#3—Engage candidates more effectively.

The candidate experience is crucial in a candidate-driven market, and that’s why having access to the best recruitment selection tools is mandatory. If candidates’ experience with your organization or recruiting agency is not the best it can possibly be, then they’re going to be at risk of accepting an offer from another employer. They might also accept a counter-offer from their current employer and simply stay where they are. The cold, hard reality is that top candidates are the ones who have the most options and the most leverage in this market.

#4—Onboard candidates as employees more easily.

Once you hire or place a candidate, the journey is not over. That’s because the candidate must be onboarded, and that onboarding process should be comprehensive, and thorough. As a result, there are many details of which you must keep track, and one of the best ways to keep track of them is with a talent acquisition software with the best recruiting tools that specifically address the intricacies of the onboarding process.

4 Features You Need in Recruiting Software

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small recruiting agency, a mid-sized agency, or a large recruiting firm with multiple team members… there are certain features that you actually want and need in your recruiting software and online recruitment CRM tool. Four of those features are as follows:

Big Biller Mobile

Big Biller’s recruitment software is mobile-friendly, which means that it conforms to whatever device you’re using to access your information. That device could be a personal computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. As a result, Big Biller software users can track candidates at the office or on the go. This is important, since the sooner you can present qualified candidates to hiring managers, the more quickly you can schedule interviews and accelerate the placement process.

TE Connect Chrome Extension

The Top Echelon Chrome Extension tool for Big Biller can be added to your Google Chrome browser and is designed to streamline and automate manual data entry for the Big Biller recruiting software. The extension will allow you to import candidates directly from web pages right into Big Biller. It will import the text that’s selected, check to see if the record already exists in your database, and if it isn’t, will create a new record for you. You can also add the contact to a Pipeline right from the extension to save even more time!

Website Portal

Big Biller’s Job Board Integration gives recruiters and firms a tremendous amount of flexibility. In fact, it allows users to:

Post job orders—Add a job in Big Biller and have it automatically post directly to your website.

Receive candidate resumes—Candidates who apply to your jobs will have their resume uploaded directly into your Big Biller account.

Social Media Recruiting

By using the above mentioned website portal, recruiters can share jobs on social media, getting more exposure for those jobs and increasing the chances that qualified candidates will see them and apply for them. Specifically, you can post updates about your jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to drive candidates back to the jobs on your website.

Additional Benefits to Help Streamline the Recruitment Process

But what, there’s more! (I know, that’s so clichéd . . . but it’s also true.) While those are four recruiting software features that you absolutely need, there are other features that provide additional benefits. And you guessed it: those benefits revolve around streamlining the recruitment process.

Calendar Integration

Big Biller helps you to stay on top of important activities on your recruiting or within your agency by integrating with the Google and Outlook calendars.

Integrating your Google account with Big Biller will automatically push scheduled Activities from Big Biller to your corresponding Google Calendar. From your Google Calendar, you can then determine how you wish to be notified of upcoming events.

Syncing an iCal compatible calendar with Big Biller will automatically push scheduled Activities from Big Biller to your corresponding external calendar of choice.

Notification System

Big Biller also keeps its users on track with its notification system, which flags you when certain tasks and functions are complete. Actions that solicit notifications may include:

  • Records have been added to the Inbox of one of your Job Order Pipelines
  • A Contact Import has been completed
  • An Export or Backup you have requested is ready to download
  • A Report you requested is complete and ready to review
  • A requested merge of People or Company records is complete
  • You requested to be notified of a scheduled Activity

You have the ability to determine which actions will trigger bell notifications within the software itself and which will trigger email notifications via the Manage Notifications page in your account settings. For more information on managing these settings, click here.


This is one of Big Biller’s most popular features, since it allows users to mold the software to the way in which they run their recruiting desk. Big Biller gives you the ability to create unlimited custom fields for People, Company, and Job Order records. Most of these custom field types are directly searchable, with the exception of text block fields.

Custom fields can be created in the following formats: text, date, drop-down, multi-select, numeric, or text block.

Data Management

It’s all about the data. It’s all about your data, specifically. Big Biller helps you stay organized with custom tags and classifications.

Tags function as a custom coding system for People, Company, and Job Order records within Big Biller. Tags are most widely used on People records because they will automatically parse when adding new resumes. Big Biller gives you the ability to create your own list of custom Tags for your firm.

When parsing new resumes, Big Biller will look through the resume and automatically code the new record with the matching Tags. These can be found within the Tags & Codes card on a Datasheet.

Big Biller also inherently weeds out duplicate records to keep your database as clean as possible.

How You Can Add Big Biller Recruiting Software to Your Recruiting Tools

Adding Big Biller to your recruiter tools is as easy as using the software itself. In fact, you can start today for FREE! You can sign up for a FREE 15-day trial of the software by clicking here. When you sign up for a trial, NO credit card is required and you’ll get the full version of the software. (Keep in mind there are some ATS and CRM organizations that do not offer a free trial of their software packages.)

You can also sign up for a LIVE demonstration of the Big Biller recruiting CRM software. If you’d like more information before deciding how to proceed with Big Biller, we encourage you to visit our website by clicking here.

Big Biller is the best recruiting software for the price.

The cost is just $59.50 per user per month with the annual pricing plan.

You can sign up for a FREE 15-day trial of the software


Or you can sign up for a live demo of the Big Biller ATS recruitment system