Top Four Tools Your Recruiting Software Needs

The best recruiting features are tied directly to the features off the best recruiting software packages. The better the tools, the better the features associated with that tool. In other words, if the tool is really good, then you can do more, do it better, and do it better in multiple ways.

So what is the best recruitment software? The best recruiting software with the best tools and the best recruitment software features is the Big Biller applicant tracking system and CRM. Big Biller’s ATS tools allows users to track and manage candidates all throughout the recruiting and hiring process, even after they’ve been hired and placed.

With that in mind, there are four recruiting software tools that you need and that Big Biller offers. Those four are as follows:

  • Calendar integration
  • Notification system
  • Customization
  • Data management

We’ll address these in a more in-depth fashion shortly. But first . . .

Human Resource teams definitely need recruiting software tools. If they’re not using any, then they need to start using them. If they’re already using some, then they need to use more! That’s because employers need every edge they can get in this competitive marketplace for talent. If you don’t have an edge, then you don’t have the right candidates—or the right employees.

Now, we’ve already addressed how recruiting tools:

But what other benefits are associated with using a HR recruiting software that has the best recruiting tools? Here are five more reasons why HR teams need more recruiting tools:

  • Save time
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance the candidate experience

We’ll address these in a more in-depth fashion shortly. But first . . .

1. Improved communication

One of the reasons that the recruitment process bogs down is communication. Or perhaps more accurately, miscommunication. That’s because miscommunication (in its many forms) leads to needless delays. And that’s quite possibly the best-case scenario. If the miscommunication in question involves the wrong information, then it could devolve into a worst-case situation rather quickly.

2. Increased social reach

Let’s face it: social media is here to stay. As a result, if you want to maximize your recruitment process and hire and place the best candidates on a consistent basis, then your organization must have a strong social presence. In fact, your presence should be both deep and wide, especially if you’re looking to hire candidates from across the country or around the world. A software with the best recruiting features can help you to increase your social reach and get in front of top talent.

3. More effective data collection

We live in the Information Age. Data is everywhere, flying all around us. The key is to collect the right data at the right time to make the right decisions. We’re well past the point where organizations can do this manually and stay competitive in a tight hiring market. Instead, they must rely on the recruiting CRM software that has the best recruiter tools and the best recruitment software features. You don’t want all of the information; you just want the most relevant information and you want it available to everybody involved in the recruitment process.

4. Work flexibility and versatility

No longer do you have to be in the office to get any real work done. The best recruiting software allows you to access everything you need, no matter if you’re at home or if you’re accessing the data from your smartphone or mobile device. As a result, employees can work more effectively from a remote location, which can afford them schedule flexibility and quite possibly, a healthier work-life balance.

5. Increased job satisfaction

Guess what? Not only is the candidate experience enhanced through the use of recruiter tools and HR recruiting software, but the employee experience is enhanced, as well. That’s because they’re able to do their job better, more quickly, and with greater satisfaction. And if you’re an agency recruiter, how happy would you be to make more placements? This is a benefit that should not be overlooked.

Once again, speed is of the essence. The more quickly you can move, the better. The best recruiting features all contribute to the automation and streamlining of the recruitment and hiring process. And we’re not talking about just some steps of the process. We’re talking about all of the steps, including the following:

  • Identifying the hiring need
  • Planning
  • Searching
  • Identifying viable candidates
  • Recruiting A-level candidates
  • (Telephone) screening
  • (Face-to-face) interviewing
  • Offering of employment
  • Hiring of the candidate
  • Onboarding of the candidate

Remember: the goal is to hire or place the best candidate possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

Big Biller offers both an applicant tracking system free trial and demo.

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Top Recruiting Tools to Help Manage Your Candidates

As we’ve already firmly established, effectively managing candidates is a crucial component of successfully recruiting and hiring top talent. That’s why your organization needs the best recruiting tools available for the purpose of effective candidate management. (And once again, that’s candidate management throughout the entire recruitment process.)

We’ve already listed the top four tools that your recruiting software needs. However, let’s explore the recruiting software features of each one. Below are four ways that the best recruiting tools—specifically, the top recruiter tools that the Big Biller software offers—can help manage your candidates:

#1—Easily keep track of your schedule with calendar integration

How can you enhance the experience for top candidates if you’re not on top of important activities on your desk or within your agency? You can’t, that’s how! But Big Biller can help by integrating with both Google and Outlook calendars.

When you integrate your Google account with Big Biller, the system will automatically push scheduled Activities from Big Biller to your corresponding Google Calendar. Then, once in your Google Calendar, you can determine how you wish to be notified of upcoming events.

Syncing an iCal compatible calendar with Big Biller involves the same process. The system will automatically push scheduled Activities from Big Biller to your iCal account.

#2—Use the notification system to keep track of your upcoming tasks

Notifications within the Big Biller recruiting software let users know when certain actions are completed within the software. These actions may include when:

  • Records have been added to the Inbox of a user’s Job Order Pipeline
  • A Contact Import has been completed
  • A requested Export or Backup is ready for download
  • A requested report is complete and ready to review
  • A requested merge of People or Company records is complete
  • You user requested to be notified of a scheduled Activity

Here’s the best part: YOU have the power to determine which actions will trigger bell notifications within Big Biller itself and which ones will trigger email notifications. You can assign these settings in the Manage Notifications page in the account settings.

#3—Customize your view to help streamline your process

Big Biller users love the customization aspect of the software. That’s because it allows them to mold the software so that it works the way they work, adding even more optimization to the process.

Big Biller gives you the ability to create unlimited custom fields for People, Company, and Job Order records. Most of these custom field types are directly searchable, with the exception of text block fields. In addition, you can create custom fields in the following formats: text, date, drop-down, multi-select, numeric, or text block.

#4—Stay organized and efficiently manage your data and recruits

As mentioned above, data is everywhere. Data drives our lives, both our personal lives and our professional lives. And when those two dynamics collide is when things can really get messy. Consequently, organization is a necessity, and Big Biller helps you stay organized with custom tags and classifications.

Tags function as a custom coding system for People, Company, and Job Order records within Big Biller. Tags are most widely used on People records because they will automatically parse when adding new resumes. Big Biller gives you the ability to create your own list of custom Tags for your firm. (More customization!)

When parsing new resumes, Big Biller will look through the resume and automatically code the new record with the matching Tags. This is yet another example of how Big Biller automates the placement process and saves the time and energy of everybody involved in the process.

How you can use these tools to improve your recruitment process

Speaking of the process, these tools can definitely improve your recruitment process. That’s because you’ll stay organized, you won’t miss activities, and you’ll know which stage every candidate is in. And the best way to prove this is to try Big Biller FREE for 15 days. When you sign up for a trial, NO credit card is required and you’ll get the full version of the software.

You can also sign up for a LIVE demonstration of the Big Biller recruiting CRM software. If you’d like more information before deciding how to proceed with Big Biller, we encourage you to visit our website by clicking here.

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