An Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters, Simplified…

From getting started and importing your candidates to tracking and managing them through the hiring process, Big Biller’s applicant tracking system for recruiters is built to save time and money.

Seamlessly Import & Organize Candidate Resumes

  • Importing Spreadsheets

    Big Biller’s integrated Contact List Import Wizard allows recruiters to import Excel spreadsheets and .csv files of candidates and companies into the software quickly and easily.

  • Resume Parsing

    Big Biller extracts all of the important information from the resume, such as contact information, work history, education, skill sets, and more.

Easily Manage Your Database & Effectively Engage Candidates

  • Categorize Candidates, Companies, and Jobs

    Big Biller’s Hotlist Feature allows you to group similar candidates, companies, and jobs together to help you organize your database. Put your medical candidates in one group while pulling your high-end executives in another. You can do the same with companies and jobs, essentially creating an online filing cabinet that’s easily accessible and instantly searchable.

  • Stay In Front of Your Candidates with Our Email Marketing

    Big Biller’s Emailer allows you to send targeted emails to candidates—letting them know of your available openings and that you can help them with their job search. It’s a great way to stay in touch with candidates, gauge their interest in finding a new employment opportunity, and manage your database—all while increasing your chances of making more placements!

An Online Recruiting Applicant Tracking System that’s Secure

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Big Biller is also 100% cloud-based, meaning that it provides remote access. As a result, recruiters can access their data anywhere they have an Internet connection. Big Biller’s remote access extends to mobile recruiting, since recruiters can also access their candidate data not just with their personal computer, but also with their smartphone and/or tablet device.

Big Biller conducts regularly scheduled backups of all data. In addition, that data is housed in two separate locations to ensure redundancy, and it’s also encrypted with the technology that banks use to keep their data safe. In short, the Big Biller recruiting software does everything possible to keep the candidate data of its customers secure.

Big Biller Recruiting Software

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