Recruiter Network Reviews for Top Echelon

Recruiter network reviews and testimonials from our Top Echelon Network users:

Average User Rating: (4.8 / 5)

‘TE, built on trust, honesty, and ethical business practices’

“I recently celebrated my first year anniversary as a TE Network member. The ROI has been outstanding with six placements closed and a couple more likely within the next few weeks. In addition the conferences and opportunities for continuous training adds more value. When you attend one of the conferences and meet the leaders of the company, you quickly realize the Top Echelon foundation was built on trust, honesty and ethical business practices. I can’t imagine another recruiting network with this caliber of leadership. My only regret is not becoming a TE partner sooner.”

Greater Atlanta Area, Georgia

‘Thank you, TEAM TE’

“My company would not exist without my association with TE and the partnership with member recruiters. Thank you, TEAM TE, for everything you do every day to make us successful!”

-Liverpool, New York

‘Going the extra mile’

“Superior staff, great customer service, always going the extra mile for their members.”

-Willoughby, Ohio

‘TE is superior’

“My experiences, for the most part, have been good. The staff has been responsive and helpful. I’ve belonged to other networks, and TE is superior.”

-Louisville, Kentucky

‘Discover New Niches’

“Top Echelon has provided me with the opportunity to be a ‘specialist’ in areas that I would otherwise not have been able to cover. In fact, Top Echelon afforded me the opportunity to discover a niche that I would never have otherwise explored. My clients love the fact that I have so many resources at my fingertips, and they can still deal with one person; that person being me, of course! What more can a client or candidate ask for . . . over a thousand recruiters working for them–all in one place–and all they have to do is ask me. Sweet!”

-Lakewood, Ohio

‘Far surpasses any other network’

“The combination of the best software and the best support staff make a very formidable tool for contingency recruiters like us. Top Echelon far surpasses any other network or stand-alone system we know of.”

-Arkansas Pass, Texas

‘I’ve made over 20 placements’

“I’ve been involved with the Network for just over seven years now. During that time, I’ve made over 20 placements that never would have happened without my being a part of TE. In my book, that is a success.”

-Memphis, Tennessee

‘Great way to expand our business’

“Top Echelon tends to be very responsive, as well as pro-active in addressing our needs as recruiters. There is always room for improvement, but TEN is always ready to listen. I hope to see continued improvements in the Big Biller product, which is an integral part of our daily lives. The TEN networking option is a great way to expand our business, and TE supports that exceptionally well through networking and training events. Keep up the good work!”

-Recruiter from Gahanna, Ohio

‘Over the Hump’

“Joining Top Echelon Network got us over the hump and kept us going. Those split placements really helped us out. They’ve meant the world to us.”

-Columbus, Ohio

‘Potential to make money is simply fantastic!’

“Top Echelon provides an incredible network of Trading Partners spanning every industry in America, along with hundreds of split job opportunities every day! The potential to make money is simply fantastic!”

-Colorado Springs, Colorado

‘Vested interest in our success’

“Great support. They have a vested interest in our success.”

-Silver Lake, Kansas

‘Relationships have enabled my gross billings to rise’

“I have developed strong Trading Partner relationships with recruiters I probably would never have met… and these relationships have enabled my gross billings to rise.”

-Plano, Texas

‘Resource for a One-Person Business’

“Top Echelon Network is an outstanding resource for a ‘one-person business’ like myself. Developing genuine relationships with Core Group Partners not only gives me the opportunity to help myself financially, but also enables me to share information, problems, successes, and failures. It’s the sharing and communication with other TE Members that I like the most.”

-Belton, South Carolina

‘Co-operation has been excellent at all levels’

“I have been well-pleased with the training, tech support, and affiliate participation with my applicants and job openings. Co-operation has been excellent at all levels. Someone is always willing to take the time to help you or refer you to someone else who can. I see a great deal of trust among the recruiters. All good from my perspective. Hannah [Laps] and Chris [Fuller] are great attributes.”

-Springfield, Missouri

‘Most honest network available’

“It’s the most honest network available, with top-notch people that help each other. [Top Echelon Network] has all the tools anyone could want.”

-Copley, Ohio

‘Love the great communication and follow-up’

“The only reason for a [rating of four] is due to the fact that I have not navigated through the entire Network yet! Everyone there is great, and the Network is very organized. I love the great communication and follow-up. Drea [Codispoti], Hannah [Laps], and Mike [McRae] are awesome!”

-Colorado Springs, Colorado

‘Already made a couple of placements’

“The experience has been really good, as members have been responsive for the most part and we have already made a couple of placements in our first year.”

-Columbus, Ohio

‘Thank you, TE, for a great 25 years!’

“I think TE has done an OUTSTANDING job of meeting the fundamental needs of recruiters/members. In addition, TE has stayed on the leading edge of the industry with regards to technology and networking for recruiters who include split placements and/or contracting in their business model. I value my TE membership and consider it to be one of the key components that helped me operate a successful business in this industry. Thank you, TE, for a great 25 years!”

-Recruiter from South Bend, Indiana

‘Well-run and innovative group’

“Excellent organization. Still trying to make more money with partners, but love being part of this well-run and innovative group.”

-Dallas, Texas

‘I’m very pleased with my membership’

“I owned an FPC franchise for 15 years and was part of their network. They were very ethical and professional, but TE has five times the members and offers great products like Big Biller and Hiring Hook. I’m very pleased with my membership and the support/service they provide.”

-Granger, Indiana

‘I know who to call and what they specialize in’

“Although I have worked with and known a number of TE members, going back to my Human Resources career, tying all of the members together in one network has made my job easier. I know who to call and what they specialize in, and the splits I’ve made are an indication of the support I get.”

-Gallatin, Tennessee

‘A Competitive Edge’

“As a smaller firm, Top Echelon gives me all the resources to maintain a competitive edge in this fast-moving market.”

-Princeton, New Jersey

‘It’s well run and well promoted’

“I really enjoy the network. It’s well run and well promoted, with new members joining all the time. Everyone works hard to make sure your experience is a successful one!”

-Brunswick, Ohio

‘I have made wonderful friends’

“I love the contacts, training, information, and support. On top of the business side, I have made wonderful friends.”

-Columbia, South Carolina

‘Professional organization’

“It is a very professional organization that is committed to its members’ success.”

-Sarasota, Florida

‘Nice variety of seasoned recruiters’

“TE has a nice variety of seasoned recruiters that make it nice when you have an excess of candidates for a particular position. The regulations of each member are respectable, as well, as we all know what is expected of us. The annual meetings are a nice way to network and meet the people you speak to on the phone, as well as learning and having fun.”

-Grinnell, Iowa

‘Getting Through the Tough Times’

“After I joined Top Echelon [in 2000], not only did my Membership help me through the recession, but I’ve also made a ton of money and placements since then. I still have my Trading Partners today, and I consider them to be excellent clients of mine.”

-Plano, Texas

‘Pleasantly Surprised’

“I’m kicking myself because I didn’t join sooner. I’m very, very pleasantly surprised. I never imagined that I’d be as happy with Top Echelon as I am.”

Sykesville, Maryland