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Recruiter networking is key to the Top Echelon workflow model and is foundational to our members’ success. That’s why we offer a number of recruiter events and activities to members. Our recruiting seminars and conferences include:

  • The Top Echelon National Convention (Spring)
  • The The Top Echelon Fall Conference (September or October)
  • Top Echelon Regional Core Groups
  • Top Echelon Virtual Core Groups

Top Echelon National Convention

National Recruiter Convention helps recruiter networking

The Top Echelon National Convention is held every spring at a different location in the United States. Past host cities have included Las Vegas, Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Lake Tahoe. Our National Convention is a great opportunity for recruiters to learn from some of the best trainers and speakers in the industry, as they share:

  • How to source and attract top candidates
  • How to land new clients and get more job orders
  • How to close more deals and make more placements

Top Echelon Fall Conference

Chicago Conference is one of Top Echelon's recruiter events

The Top Echelon Fall Conference is our recruiter networking event held in either September or October, typically in Chicago. The conference is similar to the Top Echelon National Convention, although smaller in scope. Our Fall Conference agenda includes:

  • An industry-renowned keynote speaker
  • Breakout training workshops
  • Top Echelon software tutorials
  • Formal and informal networking sessions

Our Fall Conference is a great opportunity for recruiters to network with each other in both a professional and casual setting.

Top Echelon Regional Core Groups

Regional Core Groups are part of the Top Echelon recruiting seminars and conferences

Beyond the National Convention and Fall Conference, Top Echelon Network offers opportunities for its members to meet at smaller venues based on geographic location. These Top Echelon Regional Core Group meetings occur annually or semi-annually and often cover:

  • Sharing job orders
  • Sharing top candidates
  • General recruiter skills training
  • Best practices for more success
  • The changing recruiting landscape

Virtual Core Groups

Virtual Core Groups offer great networking for recruiters

Our monthly teleconference calls offer our members a chance to share industry-specific content. During these calls, which are based on industry, recruiters share their hot job orders and candidates and also discuss whatever issues they’re currently facing on their desks. There are anywhere from five to 10 active Virtual Core Groups at any one time in Top Echelon Network, so it’s easy to find the insight and ongoing support you need to equip your team for success.


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