• Make More Placements
    Top Echelon Network has helped recruiters make more than 20,000 placements since 1988.
    $65,000 Split Placement “Working with a fellow network member has been great! This placement will be my first with Top Echelon, with hopefully many more to come!”
  • Where Placements Are Made

    Industry and Manufacturing
    IT / Information Systems
    Sales and Marketing
    Health Care
  • 1,000 Recruiters Nationwide

    Top Echelon Network has recruiters in almost every state in the country.

What is the Top Echelon Recruiter Network?

Top Echelon Network, the leading split placement network, can help you deliver the best talent to your clients faster. Tap into the expertise, candidate sourcing, and client connections of hundreds of the top recruiting firms across the country. The Top Echelon recruiter network has helped recruiters make over 20,000 placements since 1988.

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This short clip describes the different services Watch this video for an overview of Top Echelon Network and included services.