Top Echelon Contracting Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Canton, Ohio — Top Echelon Contracting, started April 8, 1992, is celebrating its 25th year in business. The company has placed over 16,000 contractors nationwide since its establishment.

Top Echelon Contracting (TEC) is a back-office solution for recruiters who offer contract staffing to their clients. By providing legal, financial, and administrative services, TEC acts as the W-2 employer of record for contract employees. The company aims to save recruiters time, increase their profits, and eliminate headaches.

During this time, the company would like to thank each recruiter who has used the back-office services. Top Echelon attributes its significant growth to its loyal and growing customer base.

“When I look back over the past 25 years, the number one thing that stands out to me is the character, heart, integrity, and hard work of so many recruiters that I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” says Debbie Fledderjohann, President of Top Echelon Contracting.

For a quarter of a century, the company has withstood changes in the economy, technology, demographics, and politics.

Since its establishment, Top Echelon Contracting has simplified contract staffing for recruiters in all 50 states. Top Echelon Contracting continues working toward placing more contractors and providing the same great contract staffing services recruiters know and trust.


Top Echelon Contracting, located in Canton, Ohio, helps recruiters make more placements. Top Echelon offers recruiting software, a recruiting network for split placements, and a back-office contract staffing solution. For more information about Top Echelon, visit or call 888-627-3678. Top Echelon is a subsidiary of Patriot Software Company.

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