Job Posting Cost

Job Posting Cost

So how much does it cost to post a job online? Recruiters can purchase online job postings either “one job at a time” or through the monthly subscription option. The job posting cost for “one job at a time” postings are $21 apiece.

For the best VALUE try our monthly subscription option.

With a monthly subscription you can subscribe to a set number of job slots each month. You can take jobs out of your slots and put new ones in, but the number of jobs you have active at any one time will correspond to the number of slots allowed by your subscription.

How Much Does it Cost to Post a Job Online?

Below is the pricing structure for the monthly subscription option (pricing effective as of October 1, 2016):

Jobs Monthly PricePrice Per Job
1- job posting $21.00$21.00
3- job monthly subscription$44.10$14.70
5- job monthly subscription$63.00$12.60
10- job monthly subscription$105.00$10.50
15- job monthly subscription$126.00$8.40
20- job monthly subscription$157.50$7.88
25- job monthly subscription$183.75$7.35
30- job monthly subscription$204.75$6.83
50- job monthly subscription$315.00$6.30
100- job monthly subscription$576.88$5.77
150- job monthly subscription$787.50$5.25
200- job monthly subscription$945.00$4.73
250- job monthly subscription$1,050.00$4.20

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