Placement Reports

The Placement Report in Top Echelon Recruiting Software allows you to review placement details for your firm over a specified time frame. In addition, you can review other important placement details like your firm’s Average Fee, Time to Fill, and Source Reporting. This report is driven by data entered into Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Placement Forms.

To run a new Placement Report:

  • Navigate to Reports in the Main Navigation Bar

reports dashboard in job recruitment software

  • Click on the plus sign icon  to the right of the Placement Reports header

Placement reports show placement reports and who are potential job candidates

  • After giving your report a name, use the report builder at the top of the page to specify which Placement information you would like to review
    • The report will always default to all Placement Statuses with a Start Date of today
    • It will also default to pull Placements for all Users, Companies, Split Types, and Placement Statuses
    • The report will be set to a private status by default, but you can share the report with other users in your firm using the Share with Users drop-down
  • Click the Run Report button to generate results

  • Depending on the size of your report, it may take some time to run
    • You’ll be dropped to a loading state while the report is generating
    • You can either wait on this page, or leave and continue working within Top Echelon Recruiting Software while your report is prepared

  • You’ll see a new notification  in the top right corner of Top Echelon Recruiting Software once your report is ready to view
    • As soon as the report is available to view, you can access it at any time from the Reports Dashboard or by clicking on the corresponding notification

notifications from job applicants on your job recruitment software

  • Once your results have populated, you can toggle between the Table View, the Table Details View, or the Graph View
    • Keep in mind that the Table and the Table Details Views allow you to sort by column

placement reports for job candidates

  • Table View is a high-level overview of Placements within the specified timeframe
    • This view will also show overall stats at the bottom of the table such as Total Placements, Total Fees, Average Time to Fill, and more

  • Table Details View gives you a breakdown and details of the Placements listed in the Table view
    • This view also includes more Salary/Pay Rate details, Job and Candidate recruiter information, and Time to Fill by position
    • Time to Fill is calculated based on the difference between the Entered Date of the Job Order record and the Completed Date of the corresponding Placement Form

  • Graph View shows pie charts of Placement Fees by Company, Job/Candidate Recruiter, Pipeline Source, Record Source, and Placement Type
    • Hovering your cursor over a specific piece of the pie will display the total Placement Fees for that corresponding data point

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