‘You Made it Possible’

“You are proof positive that companies can be profitable and customer service-oriented at the same time. I got to thinking on the trip back home about how easy and natural it is to promote Top Echelon Contracting. Part of it is that you, Debbie, never, ever, said to me, “Rosemarie, that is out of the scope of the contract.” And the clients appreciated that we never ever said that to them, because you made it possible to always find a way, even though it was tough.”

-Rosemarie Christopher | Rx Research Staffing

‘I Don’t Have to Worry About the Payroll’

“With Top Echelon Contracting, I don’t have to worry about the payroll and issues that go along with it. I used to do all the payroll myself, which took time away from recruiting.”

-Jarie Doberstein, CPC/CTS | Bailey Personnel Consultants

‘It’s a Smooth Process’

“Top Echelon Contracting does all the start-up paperwork, the billing and collecting, and the background checks on the candidates. They even offer health insurance to your contractor. Once the candidate is up and running, it’s a smooth process with little or no hassle to the recruiter.”

-Iris Nielsen | HIPP Professional Search, LLC

‘Your Staff is Over the Top’

“The service is exceptional. Your staff is over the top when it comes to helping make the deal happen. I have had numerous instances where contracts had to be negotiated, and you made it happen . . . I wouldn’t think of using any other service for my contract staffing. The background checks, the ability to drug test employees, and the ability to offer benefits all make my two-person company look like — and operate like — a large corporation. I can have contract employees without assuming the risk, acquiring the insurances, paying the taxes, employing the back-office staff, floating the payroll, and having the worries.”

-Dave Sgro | True North Consultants, Inc.

‘They Have Yet to Let Me Down’

“They are very professional, and the hand-off between myself and the clients has been very smooth. I trust that they know what they’re doing, and they have yet to let me down.”

-John Hope | Tri-Force

‘Very Quick About Getting Answers’

“Top Echelon Contracting is very good about keeping me informed of any problems that might be occurring with the contractors. TEC is very quick about getting answers to the questions I have.”

-Sandra Kilgore | RGK Consulting

‘Makes me Look Good’

“Top Echelon Contracting assists me and makes me look good in my clients’ eyes. They’re very professional, diligent, and efficient.”

-Joe Cali | Corporate Search, Inc.

‘I Hold TEC in the Highest Regard’

“Top Echelon Contracting is very knowledgeable about the contract industry and HR issues. They have great information available online and in print material. I did my first contract placement back in 2001, and I hold everyone I’ve come in contact with at TEC in the highest regard.”

-Denise Zusack | JD Information Technologies, Inc.

‘It’s Been a Pleasure Working with You’

“I wanted to write you to personally thank you for all the help your team has provided us over the 7 1/2 years we have used Top Echelon Contracting as our staffing back-office provider. We started as a single recruiter working out of our house, and with your help we are now on our third brick and mortar office, and our local community has voted us “Best Staffing Agency” for the last two years in a row. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I certainly will refer any other recruiters trying to get off the ground to your direction. If I can ever be of assistance, don’t hesitate to call me directly anytime.”

-David Mengel | Gemini Staffing

‘There is Always a “Real Person” There to Assist Me’

“I cannot say enough good things about Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. (TEC). We have been using them for several years now and consider them to be a valued part of our company’s staffing team. Our contractors travel across the United States and can be away for months at a time, up to a year on one assignment. We are constantly being told by our interims/contractors what a great job TEC does and how responsive they are to their needs. When I call them myself, there is always a “real person” there to assist me – they deliver excellent customer service. I’ve also found them to be honest and ethical in all our dealings over the years. They sure take the headaches out of back-office staffing, so we can focus on what we do best.”

-Jim Brown | Galileo Search, LLC

‘TEC is Willing to Help on a Timely Basis’

“The Top Echelon Contracting staff is knowledgeable and willing to help on a timely basis. My clients also like the way TEC works on the billing.”

-Mark Brewster | Automationtechies.com

‘Now We Are In the Contract Business with No Overhead’

“With all of our recruiters running full desks and no internal, dedicated resources to handle the bookkeeping, admin, filings, and tax payments, we got out of the contract temp market two years ago. And we are STILL getting notices about unemployment claims. Now with TEC’s turnkey system, we are back in the contract business again. I shopped around, and their prices are competitive and service offerings unmatched. We have submitted several contract candidates and in every case, TEC has been VERY responsive in providing quotes that allowed me to get back to my clients in minutes. When necessary, they have also been very responsive and professional in dealing with my clients to provide insurance certificates and “how to” guidance. We now go to the market with a very seasoned and well-armed “big brother” as a teammate. I ran the numbers with a very close friend of mine who does millions of dollars in temp/contract business. Now we are in the contract business with no overhead.”

-Scott Leishman | bizjobz, LLC

‘Contract Training Booklet is Excellent’

“Top Echelon Contracting is easy to work with, assumes all of the liability for the contractor, has expertise with contract law and regulations, and has a fast turn-around in getting our checks to us. Their contract training booklet is excellent. We learned a lot about contracting just by reading it.”

-Mike Petras | FPC of South Bend

‘Everybody There is Just Fantastic’

Everybody there is just fantastic. It’s just a pleasure. We’ve been working together almost 10 years. I’ve had friends say ‘I’ve found cheaper places,’ but the quality of service and the types of people I deal with at Top Echelon are always of the top echelon.”

-Rick Manning | FE Manning & Associates

‘I Will Not Use Any Other Back-Office’

“Before we used Top Echelon Contracting as our back-office, we checked out several other back-office/payroll services companies. We decided to use Top Echelon Contracting because their fees were comparable and their customer service was excellent from the very beginning! We have been using Top Echelon Contracting since 2000/2001, and each year we have increased our contract services with their assistance. They handle all the contractual, HR issues, legal, and accounting issues in each of the different states where we do business. They handle it all! They have helped us deal with very difficult clients as well as complicated contractor issues. Basically, we line up our client and the contractor, then hand it over to Top Echelon Contracting to coordinate the paperwork and details. It is a very simple process. Our most difficult clients have loved working with them, as well, and we have repeat business from our clients due to their service-oriented staff . Our contractors have been impressed with their assistance, too. I can go on and on about them, but the bottom line is I will not use any other back-office or payroll service because of their professional and outstanding service to us, our clients, and our contractors.”

-Cindy Stephens, CPC/CTS | Stephens International Recruiting, Inc.

‘A Real Boon!’

“The entire Top Echelon team has been a real boon for me and my business, and I offer my thanks to all of you.”

-Kimberly Jones | Dynamic Hires

Put Together an Out-of-State Deal in a Very Timely Manner!

“If you are currently running your own back-office in your home state and are thinking about doing work in different states, you really have to consider looking at Top Echelon Contracting. Working with TEC allows you to put an out-of-state deal together in a very timely manner. You can sit back and let them handle the administrative process while you still continue to work with the candidate and client. You are able to login to see all of the financial details for your placement and you retain all of the controls. On top of that, we were always able to get a hold of someone at TEC when we have questions. I’ve never had to leave a message.”

-Michael Lesch | Alliance Technical Services

‘GREAT Customer Service Still Exists’

“This is just a quick note to let you know that in my opinion, all of the employees at Top Echelon Contracting are GREAT to work with! It has been quite a while since I have had the pleasure of dealing with such a professional, customer service-oriented group! Anytime I need a Quote, Contract, or really anything that helps me in my job, your team delivers in a timely, courteous, professional, and helpful manner! Just yesterday, I needed a Contract set up at the very end of the day, and the Contract Administrator came through! I really thought that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to have the contract finished by the end of the day! Keep up the good work! It is nice to know that GREAT customer service still exists in this world.”

-Bob Small | Carroll Technology Services

User Reviews from Contractors

It is important to us to provide the highest quality services to our contractors. Here is what some of our contractors have said about us:

‘I would recommend others to TEC’

“I wanted to take the time to express to you that my experience with Top Echelon Contracting was outstanding. I would recommend others to Top Echelon Contracting, and if the opportunity presents itself, I would be open to working for you again.”

-Al S. | Senior Consultant

‘You all run a top-notch company’

“Thank you for all of your work in helping things run smoothly for me on your side. I had no issues at all. My time with Top Echelon Contracting was short but very sweet. You all run a top-notch company there. Keep up the great work!!”

-Michael A. | Collections Specialist

‘Felt I was with the superior firm’

“I enjoyed my employment with Top Echelon. Working with other contractors, I saw firsthand how differently they were treated by their employers. I always felt I was with the superior firm. Specifically, the Employee Handbook was extremely helpful in defining my obligations to your client, as well as explaining my rights as a contractor. In the future, Top Echelon will be my first call. I thank you for a mutually beneficial partnership.”

-David F. | Process Engineer

‘Always made the extra effort’

“I’m being rolled over to a direct employee, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all of your help over the past year. Every time I called, you always made the extra effort to get me what I needed whether it was supplies or cutting me a new paycheck or expediting my expense reports, and I want you to know that I always appreciated everything you did – and you were always so pleasant on the phone!!! Unfortunately, it’s not always that I have the opportunity to work with people who are so responsive and helpful and I wanted to say THANK YOU.”

-Theresa S. | Clinical Research Associate

‘Helpful, professional, and kind’

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working for Top Echelon and with all of your excellent staff. Everyone has been so helpful, professional, and kind. Although I have taken a full-time position with the client, I do not rule out the possibility that I may have the opportunity to work for you once again in the future. Thanks again for your most outstanding support!!!”

-William S. | Software Development

‘Thank you’

“Though we have not met, I thank you for the efficient and professional ability. I received my first check today a full week earlier than expected. Thank you for working so well with my recruiter and me in this arrangement with the client.”

-Chris P. | Quality Engineer

‘Very professional’

“Since today is my last day as a Top Echelon Contracting employee, I wanted to express my profound appreciation for the assistance all of you have given me during my tenure at Top Echelon. Everyone I had contact with was kind, courteous and, most important to me, very professional. It has been a great pleasure and good fortune to work for Top Echelon. A special thank you to the payroll department for answering all my questions about my time card and travel expenses. I also want to compliment Top Echelon on how timely my payroll checks, and especially the reimbursement of travel expenses, were.”

-Tom K. | Engineer

‘Easy and wonderful’

“Can you please let everyone know that I have been so impressed and how glad I am to have Top Echelon as a partner? Everyone has made my transition to contracting easy and wonderful. I have worked for many companies, but Top Echelon has been one of the most responsive, and everyone has been so gracious and patient.”

-LeAnna H. | Infection Control Consultant

‘They do what they say they’re going to, every time’

“I caught a recent issue of Colorado Computer User, which discussed IT employment in general and contracting firms in particular. Reading it made me appreciate the great job that Top Echelon has done in communicating with me. They do what they say they’re going to do, every time. That kind of integrity in keeping your word is rare, and much appreciated.”

-Geoff C. | Documentarian

‘Excellent employee services’

“I would like to take time out to send an email letting you know about the excellent employee services that I have received from everybody in your payroll department. I have been dealing with the payroll department for about three months now, and they have been outstanding. There have been several times where my check was going to be late (through the mail), and all I had to do was pick up the phone. No matter who I talked to, they made sure that I got my check via FedEx, and that really means a lot to me. What makes it so special is that you could tell they really wanted to help you and to make sure that you were paid on time.”

-Ellen H. | Product Development Process Consultant

‘Went above and beyond’

“I want to thank you for all your help in getting my husband’s check. It came FedEx today to my office. I feel you went above and beyond with phone calls, etc., and want you to know how much we appreciate it. Thanks again!”

-Mary R., husband of Mark R. | Cell Site Tech

‘A good experience’

“It has been a good experience working under Top Echelon for the last year and three quarters. I appreciate all your help in getting my benefits and payroll in order. In today’s economy, one never knows what will happen next. I may well get to work with you again in the future. Thank you so much!”

-Wes W. | Electrical Design Engineer

‘I will positively and whole-heartedly recommend your organization’

“Thanks for all your assistance during my relationship with TEC and your excellent HR staff. I was initially a little concerned about becoming just another number, but that concern was quickly alleviated through you and your Staff’s wonderful attention to detail and diligent efforts. I will positively and whole-heartedly recommend your organization in any and all interactions with prospective clients. You guys do a really good job and deserve a sincere Atta-Boy on a daily basis. Please keep up the good work.”

-Richard B. | Quality Engineer

‘I never felt left in the dark on anything’

“While I was employed through Top Echelon, I never felt left in the dark on anything. I could always get a hold of someone when I needed to. Everyone who represents Top Echelon is incredibly friendly and helpful.”

-Andrea T. | Therapist