What is on the SCA?

  • The hours worked by the contractor each week
  • The total hours worked for the assignment
  • Listing of each invoice that has been sent to the client
  • The total amount billed to date for the assignment
  • Each payment Top Echelon Contracting has received from the client
  • Each payment that has been issued to you
  • Your total income from the assignment
  • Open invoices to the client (plan your future cash flow)

Other Features

    • Search on Company, Contractor, Check Date, or Check Number. (When searching by Check Number, you do not need to include the leading “0” digits.) The Check Number will be highlighted on the SCA for quick location
    • Sort by Start Date, Contractor, Company, or Position Title
    • For multiple recruiter firms, the main contact can view individual contract placement information or information of all recruiters

within the firm

  • Reports are printable


SCA Instructions

Step 1 – Click on the Login button.

Step 2: – The first time you login you will need to request a password. To do so enter your email address only and click on the LOGIN button. A password will be emailed to you. Once you receive the password, use your email address and this temporary password to login. You will need to select a new password upon login.

Step 3: – Click on the Statement of Contract Assignment link.