When you refer a recruiter to Top Echelon who has never made a contract placement with us, you will receive $20 for each week the contractor works for up to five weeks.


To qualify for a Recruiter Referral Reward, the contract placement must be:

  • The referred recruiter’s first contract placement with TEC.
  • A full-time (40 hours per week) placement.
  • A W-2 contract placement. (No 1099s or Corp-to-Corp)

Receiving Your Reward

TEC will be alerted to the referral when the referred recruiter answers the following questions on the Online Set-up Forms:

  1. Is this your first contract placement with Top Echelon Contracting?
  2. If so, did another recruiter refer you to our company?
  3. Please provide the referring recruiter’s name, agency, phone number, and email address.

Please make sure that the recruiters you refer have this information and remember to provide it! Note: Recruiter Referral Reward payments are paid to the recruiting agency, and a W-9 form will be required.

Additional Guidelines

  • If the first contract assignment ends or goes direct (perm) before the five weeks are up, we will pay the referring recruiter $20 per week for each week the contractor worked.
  • If the first contract assignment changes to a direct (perm) placement before the candidate begins work, this placement does not meet the criteria and no reward will be issued, even if the contract paperwork has already been distributed.
  • Recruiters within the same agency cannot refer another recruiter from within the same agency.
  • If recruiter A refers recruiters B and C to TEC and the first placement for both B and C happens to be a split between the two recruiters, recruiter A will only receive one referral reward.
  • If recruiter A refers recruiter B to TEC, and recruiter B refers recruiter C to TEC, and recruiter C makes a contract placement, recruiter A will not receive any reward from the placement made by recruiter C.
  • If a recruiter referred a recruiter to TEC in the past, there will be no retroactive Recruiter Referral Rewards given.

If you have any questions regarding the Recruiter Referral Program or contract staffing, please contact our Contract Staffing Administrators at (888) 627-3678, Press 1.